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Pavlik to fight Vera on Nov. 13

What a complete joke.. (his opponent, the record, etc, speaks for itself)

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Tension builds in Team Pavlik

I agree with you relative to his present day abilities that have been showcased in recent bouts in comparison to the days when he was up and coming, even as most recent as the Miranda fight where his power, abilities, and style was shown which we both know that "styles make the fights". I think you likely hit the nail on the head pertaining to the money factor which seems to be one of Pav's biggest concerns when I read his most recent comments to the media, press, etc. Distraction(s) seem to be an ongoing problem for him that he can't shake nor get out of the clinches with for whatever reasons. Motivation, desire, happiness? I suppose there is a multitude of reasons which I can only guess. If the love is indeed gone lets just hope he doesn't get hurt just to make those last few paydays that likely are going to be in the super middle weight division and possibly the fight in Dallas if it ever comes to fruition.

I certainly can't argue your comments regarding his conditioning, mental frame of mind, present day abilities, and drinking habits since I have seen and witnessed this first hand at many of the local establishments. You bring some great points to light and hopefully for Kelly's sake he starts to get that craving and desire once again that got him to this point before it all started to crumble.

Do you honestly believe Kelly will go against family and continue to stay the course relative to keeping his current trainer or give in to his father's wishes as co-manager?.

Thanks for the response.

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Tension builds in Team Pavlik

If you are indeed a boxer then you should know the obvious, Kelly has become predictable and one dimensional in the ring thus the many many people within the industry urging him to make this needed change within his camp. What is your solution other than to crucify Mike?. If Kelly stays this course he will never regain championship form which is obvious to many. I do agree with you relative to Kelly and his drinking habits leading up to his bouts, he has struggled with this and it has become very evident that it continues to be a problem present day when he should be solely focusing during his eight week camps. I am assuming your out of Jack's stable of fighters thus the reason you are so "pro-jack" and praising him. To even compare Jack to Freddie Roach is ludicrous in my opinion, look at the number of actual champions Freddie has trained to the number Jack has trained, the two shouldn't even be mentioned in the same sentence. Family and blood usually prevails so I wouldn't underestimate the influence that Mike is going to have relative to this change which I as well as many others believe is coming, long overdue, and is inevitable if Kelly is to right this ship and get back on course. Only time will tell whom is right.

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Tension builds in Team Pavlik

Jack, enjoy the new gym, train the amateurs, enjoy your daughters, and graciously step aside so you are no longer the laughing stock of this camp but more importantly the area of Youngstown. Your excuses are old, they are the same, repetitive each time you are pressed, do the right thing and bite the tongue and walk away. Jack, how many email exchanges have we had after I posted on your web site suggesting this move long ago? We exchanged many emails and for "pride" reasons you have refused to do the right thing, unfortunately this has caught up to you rightfully so. You did a good job, the best you were capable of, now for the sake of Kelly step down.

You can't "play" a role any longer in which you have no experience or wisdom at this level.

Mike, again I tip my hat and applaud you for FINALLY being outspoken and can only hope you continue to do so until Kelly whom I have always liked makes the correct, right, and proper decision which I am exceptionally confident will indeed happen in the not so distant future as Jack will not share the "spotlight" nor "allow" a transition to work along side someone else whom may be "brought in", it would never work with Jack. A change is a coming, long long overdue BUT it should bring back "life" into Team Pavlik and most importantly Kelly.

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Tension builds in Team Pavlik

Jack Loew is indeed not only a terrible, arrogant, and complete embarrassment of a trainer but more importantly he IS mark my words going to end up getting Pavlik hurt. I could not agree more with Mike, it IS absolutely time and long overdue to finally call out the many many flaws of a "driveway paver" attempting to play the role of an "elite" trainer in which anyone with the least bit of boxing knowledge knows this will never ever happen since he lacks the pedigree, experience, knowledge, and more importantly the overall wisdom of this sport. I applaud Mike for finally going public with these comments as it is long long overdue.

Jack has never been to this level nor will he ever reach this level again once Pavlik's career is over with. This really is nothing more than common sense, MAKE A CHANGE or CAREER IS OVER, take your pick....Kelly is one dimensional, extremely predictable, lacks the savviness for someone at this level, lacks the speed, but more importantly is he lacks the proper, experienced, top "elite" trainer to ensure his career is given a second chance.

To blame Mike is utter nonsense, of all my time working out at Rocky's gym in Boardman leading up to each and every one of Kelly's fights I would see Kelly daily in there working out and not ONCE was Mike (father) ever present. It was "always" Jack-0-mite calling the shots there each and every day telling Kelly what to do, when to do it, and how to do it. Utter and absolute nonsense, Jack must know inside his heart of hearts that he is being laughed at, mocked, questioned, and he cannot defend himself due to actual facts.

The time is now or never, bring in a Freddie or Manny or hang the gloves up because without Jack out Kelly will never ever become champion again, this is a fact. It was sad to see how clueless Jack was in that corner this past fight, finally progress is being made in order to secure a change and bring in someone whom is "known" for training championship caliber fighters and that has been at the top level for many many years such as Freddie or a Manny. This is no longer the minor leagues where Jack can get away with "playing" the role of trainer, Make the change Kelly.

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Pavlik to take summer break

Kelly has been done for a long time. It never seems to amaze me that the arrogant jack "pave a driveway" Loew has excuse after excuse and is a complete embarrassment to the local boxing community. Now its the "weight issue", what this driveway (playing trainer) Loew doesn't seem to comprehend as he looks like a complete @ss with these latest excuses is that ALL his fights leading up to this one were at middleweight with the exception of B-hop which he then claimed "WEIGHT" was the issue and that they needed to get back to middleweight. This guy is a fool, clown, and by no means a trainer that is going to bring Kelly anywhere near another belt. Kelly needs to move on and find a "world class" trainer if he is to be on the "world stage" again as a world class fighter. Staying with Loew will merely continue his demise and at very best he has 2-3 fights left in him should he stay this absurd course.

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