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Austintown cops go bar hopping for lawbreakers

If you have a problem with the law contact your local congress person. Do not blame law enforcement for enforcing the law

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Reopening of Boardman stations sparks debate

How about turning all the police into firemen and forcing them all to work for free. The starting salary for police already dropped from 48000 to 33000. Do you think that Boardman is going to draw in quality law enforcment officers. Not when they can go to other areas and start out for 7000 to 10000 more. It seems to me that Boardman needs to start over with people who know what they are doing. A fiscal officer who seems to routinely mess up the numbers and a township counsel who can't figure out how to properly and safley staff a fire department needs to go.

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Taxpayer uprising the only answer

This article is absolutely absurd. There is no private sector equivalant for police or firefighter and the lack of support for these individuals is astonishing. I have a friend who left the area to be a cop in Virginia because of the limited supply of law enforcement jobs in Ohio. Since he became a cop in Virginia he has been burnt, stabbed, bitten by a human, and shot. In his seven year career he has been awarded a ribbon of valor (from Austintown P.D.); a silver star and purple heart from the American Police Hall of Fame; and is currently in the running for the Commonwealth of Virginia Medal of Valor. This is the highest award a law enforcement officer in the state of Virginia can recieve. After all of his self sacrifice for a public that pays more for a corrupt sports star in one year then he will see in his entire life, you tell him you are going to take away his 55 percent retirement after 25 years.

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2 Boardman trustees block financial forecast

The trustees are gone, now the fiscal officer needs to go. A complete reset

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100-plus safety forces workers get layoff notices in Cleveland

I am so sick of hearing how saftey forces need to "get off the taxpayer gravey train..." I have said it many times before and I will say it again. THERE IS NO PRIVATE SECTOR EQUIVALENT TO FIRST RESPONDERS. This is the deadliest year since 2001 for law enforcement. If not for 9-11 then it would be the deadliest year in the last 25. Cops across the country including several as close as Pittsburgh are getting slaughtered for no other reason then being the police. If these fine men and women take a paycut it is not because the should get off the taxpayers back but instead because then need to do it to keep their brothers and sister in work. First Responders are true heros and should be treated as such.

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Shooting deaths of officers increase

Anyone out there for cutting a police persons pay, benefits? Anyone wanna lay of cops because they are over-paid? Anyone wanna compair a cops job to one in the private sector? You don't go to work with a gun and a set of body armor in the private sector. People don't come gunning for you in the private sector. People wonder why cops isolate themselves after a few years on the job. It's very simple... no matter how good you are, how much good you do, or how many lives you save, everyone hates a cop.

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Sinking into the Red

For the first nine months of this year the township has made the police and fire departments look greedy for offering only slight consessions. The township claimed that they didn't have the money from the levy. Now that the contract is settled they all of the sudden realized they made a mistake in the numbers. On top of that they claim the overtime is due to a shortage in officers and firefighters but hiring new ones wouldn't immediately fix the problem. WHY WEREN"T PEOPLE HIRED MONTHS AGO? An idiot can tell you that overtime to cover vacant positions is going to cost you a fortune more then filling that position. This is political manipulation at the highest level.

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No V&M deal: Melfi

Here is my question:

Melfi is concerned about a fair amout of revenue collected from the tax of the steel company, but how much will the tax of 500 new employees generate if the deal goes through? Even if those people do not live in girard or youngstown they still have to go to those places to work which means increased revenue for the local cities.
I don't care what you say about the man, to ignore a deadline as Melfi seems to be doing is totally irresponsible and shows a lot for how little caracter he has. I would not want him representing me.

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Boardman cops hope ranks swell with pact

The police have stepped up to the plate, now lets see if the township does the same

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The messages managers send to public employees

Just because Berarducci was a federal agent doesn't mean he was qualified to run a local police department. The difference between federal agencies and local agencies are like compairing apples to oranges.

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