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Biden, Ryan deliver fiery debate on Libya, jobs, abortion

Biden said two wars were put on a credit card.......Biden voted to support BOTH wars!

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Camping out to cast first

They kind of remind me of the "Occupy Wall Street" crowd

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I'm still waiting for Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson to come here and denounce this horrid act...

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Local Limbaugh petition nears goal; vets, femiinists call for FCC removal

Let's not forget about liberal David Letterman's saying Sarah Palin's teenage daughter got "Kocked Up" at the baseball game. Now this was on CBS (free airwaves).......were was the outrage to shut down Davy's show?????? can you say liberal double standard

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Letson, Hagan say some Valley McCain supporters are racists

What a typical Democrat Liberal idiotic statement. You guys have overplayed the race card. Maybe, just maybe, we aren't voting for Obama because he is a SOCIALST, with no decision making experience.

When you are out of ideas and have no argument "Cry Racism"

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