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Man hit by car dies in hospital

So sorry to the family & friends for their loss. As a victim of a hit & run, while crossing the street in a marked crosswalk, with the green light. In BROAD DAYLIGHT, car turned on to the road & struck me & yes took off. They caught her, I pray they catch who ever did this!!

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Sharon resident and former guard at Nazi concentration camp faces deportation hearing

This man is a law abiding citizen, and paid taxes all his working life. I believe he worked & retired from Sharon Steel. This is just sad can't they go after a real criminal, or are they to afraid? He should enjoy what time he has left, not die in some cold jail cell.

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‘This didn’t have to happen’

Prayer she will be okay. Being a recent victim of a hit & run, yes crossing with the green light & in a crosswalk. I know her pain. I hope they know who did this. I'm glad in my case a witness got the plate # & the police got her. So see you in court sweetie!

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Obama to bring Clinton to Valley

Clinton is NOT running! Vote Romney/Ryan!

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Accused killer of boy cries in court

He's faking it, just wants to look sorry for what he did. His lawyer (paid for by us tax payers) probably told him to act that way. I'm not believing it wish we could put this pos under the jail. He gets no sympathy from me.

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Obama, Romney spar on taxes, jobs, education, health care

Got my ballot yesterday, yes I'm voting for Mitt. I'm leaving Hagan & Gains blank.

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Mahoning dog pound makes plea for pooch adoptions -- or else

Please share these dogs on Facebook, also a few on these are on pet Pardons. We must help save them.

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BREAKING NEWS: Columbus Jones Jr. gets 92 years to life in prison

Just PTS him take all our tax dollars that would pay for all his years there and save animals!!

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Do you agree with the ban on early voting on weekends in Ohio?

Nothing wrong with early voting, after all some people DO WORK and this makes it more convenient. I don't care how you vote just vote!! Stop making everything about Democrats & Republicans against each other we're Americans! Lets do what's best for our country!!

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Forbes rates Youngstown lowest in Ohio

Anyone shocked by this? Bet we get a high rating for murders.

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