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3 arrested in Hubbard drug raid near Roosevelt Elementary School

Are these adults posting on here?
As a former resident of Hubbard and product of Hubbard schools I will be the first to admit that drugs are a huge issue that parents can NOT control.
If anyone thinks that the parents can then they are basically retarded.
Yes, I just said that.
I knew of one of the people arrested and this person actually wasn't involved in drugs when he was in school.
Every body else was.
Quit harping on about things that don't matter, the poor kids parents are already embarrassed enough I am sure.

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Kidz Go Grey to Green This Saturday

Thanks Geniene!!!!
I wanted to mention that with the tie dye, the public is free to bring thier own t-shirts to try it out but we have provided up to Youth large shirts.
Look forward to seeing you again!

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Terry and O’Reilly were right

Stan.... you didn't read what I wrote did you? you skimmed it. I have a child, and I am certainly not bitter towards men. My opinion has been longstanding, since I found out my own mother had an abortion when she was a teenager.People are forced to adopt from abroad because they don't want damaged goods, they don't want the chance that the birth parent might petition to see the child. I thought this was common knowledge, why do you think so many children are in foster care in this area? They have drug addict parents who can't make up thier mind to be clean. You are telling me that people are forced to adopt from abroad because they are no children left to adopt in the United States? That every child has a comfortable warm bed in a home with plenty of food in a safe neighborhood? Wow... this is news to me and probably most of the world.

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Terry and O’Reilly were right

Stan, asking how many children are you going to take in when abortion is illegal again does not imply that abortion is for birth control. It asks a simple question, and here is an example why it is relevant.
Not all abortions are products of rape, but more than any statistic will tell are. So every woman who was raped, molested, abused should be forced to deliver a baby that is half the person who abused hers? Does this make any sense? NO!
Not every abortion, again, results from this. Yet it happens more than most people realize.
Also if you always have room, why so? There are plenty of children already alive and have been neglected and abused their entire lives that need homes. Have you adopted any? Do you foster them? Let us worry about these children before any of these other things that you feel are so relevant. Let us change their lives for the positive before they make their parents mistakes and become a drain on our society.
Oh and before you grill me what my answer to that question is, I am a divorced mom who is finishing her schooling, when I am in my chosen career field I plan on adopting as many children as need me.

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Terry and O’Reilly were right

I would like to add my Atheist two cents to the mix.
This isn't about religion but everyone is making it out to be, as JennyChan stated her Atheist friends are more moral people than most Christians. Same here.
Stan never answered the question, and neither did any of the other pro-lifers but I demand an answer after reading this garbage spewing on for days.
The question being, how many children are you going to take in when abortion is illegal again? Do you all have a cute little pack of kids running around your homes?
Oh that is a shame.... where are these children supposed to go when they are born then?
Some of pro choices will adopt them of course, but will you? Since I have read many of your collective groups other posts I also know that many of you are bigots who only think the affluent white should be allowed any decent treatment. So what about the little crack head babies? Momma needed her fix and gee with what you all want, she couldn't get her abortion so now deformed drug addicted children that are unadoptable get unvoluntarily brought into this world?
Think about it fools.
I saw some incredible reason on this board tonight and not from the so called Moral Christians, because we all know you aren't going to take care of these unaborted children... are you?

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Missing teenager’s body found

As the most far flung liberal to post on this board, one would be surprised that I would like to say that I agree with copswife and l0l.
To the few that are saying the police officers did not do enough, go for a ride along one day. Maybe that is the action it would take for you to realize that the department is understaffed and overworked. Please explain this to your fellow citizens and ask them to cut back on their crime (such as shooting half a neighborhood and robbing people) so that the officers may investigate EVERY missing "child" report. It seems pretty simple to me.
If this boy had committed the crimes that are being told of, he would not have been considered a child yet an adult when charged. There is no questioning this aspect of the issue, so at seventeen who really expects it to not be a simple run away, especially in a case like his. No I do not know him personally but the anonymous nature of this board suggests people are not just making things up because they are bored. The information came from somewhere.
Oh and it is congratulations not congradulations.

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Will store closings end crime in Y’town?

I believe the point of the whole initiative is to ask the owners to sell products that enforce a better quality of life. These products are not alcohol, tobacco, and implements for creating crack pipes. These products can be replaced with fresh fruits and vegetables, a decent deli counter, things the people in these neighborhoods need but can not get nearby (without going up Market St) safely because of the thugs milling about and or behind the counter as someone else suggested. Making the store owners accountable for the product they sell and then reducing the unwanted behavior stemming from the selling of said product. Just my measly 2 cents.

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Endangering charge lodged against woman who left child in car

wow! That is completely inexcusable! No child should be left in a car like that, that is just common sense.

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This is great because it is something I have spoken about to many people I know, the wack job comments about everything. Boardmanneedschange, you are right on!
Some of the conversations get so out of control and flat out mean, hopefully this will help keep that under control!

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New duds, new date for Austintown school kids

I may have graduated nearly 10 years ago from high school, but I do remember a few things.
1. Sweat pants were NEVER allowed in school.
2. Athletic gear was restricted for gym class.
3. Hoodies were discouraged and gave the teachers a reason to suspect you had something against policy on your person.
4. If this were restricting individuality, then the options would be down to slacks or skirts and dress shirts and sweaters, this doesn't sound like that bad of a code to me.
5. Take all of the energy exerted into worrying about this stupid issue and spend it with the kids you are so worried about.

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