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10 injured in elevator accident at YSU

As a resident of Kilcawley, and witness to the accident I can tell you that yes the elevator may have been overcrowded, but several safety features should have prevented the free fall; such as the doors not shutting until the elevator was below the max capacity, and safety arms to stop the elevator in the event of a free fall. A maintenence man informed one of the cops on the scene that all of the safty arms simultaneously failed. Also these residents were not jumping around, and were unaware that they exceded the max capacity of the elevator. Several people sustained knee injuries and were transported to the hospital. Those who did not go to the hospital were quarintened into a conference room for several hours. Regardless of whether or not these residents knowingly over packed the elevator is not the issue, the state of the wiring in the elevator is to blame. Sadly had there been less people aboard, more injuries would have occurred.

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YSU freshman tried to help students trapped in elevator after falling 5 floors

I completely agree. I was called just after the crash by a friend who heard it. I have the time on my phone, and witnessed the cops arrival. With all do respect sir, I agree with ysufreshman you can't comment on something that specific unless you were there. I also would have known if you were.

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