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Acclaimed downtown eatery closes


Your negative, irrelevant and incorrect comments indicate that you are a bigger loser than downtown ever was - you're the 1st comment on a restaurant closing and all you do is bash downtown, rant about the tax rate and spew mis-information about crime - try commenting on the article for a change. You and unionfoever together make a great pair of cheeks!

While downtown is not the beehive of activity it once was, it has made significant strides over the past 10 years. The closing of Roseta Stone is definitely not a positive at the moment; however, its renovated space may be just the opportunity a new and better establishment needs to get its start.

PS: I've worked downtown for 28 years and know that it is not the crime infested slum you believe it to be (when I have extra work that needs done, I think nothing of returning downtown in the evening and working till midnight). While I would like to pay a smaller city income tax rate (and federal and state just the same as everyone else), what downtown provides is great office space at an unbelievably low cost - oh yeah, there isn't any traffic congestion downtown like they have in Boardman.

It’s obvious that the redevelopment of downtown will occur without your assistance (emphasis on the 1st part) – so please butt out.

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