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Mahoning CSB approves pay raises for workers

All I have to say is Thanks for the slap in the face Commissioners...............

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YSU maintenance worker dies in fall

My thoughts go out to his family........

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Mahoning commissioners abolish 26 JFS jobs

hahahaha ok so I didn't pay attention to my typing....yes I can spell just wasn't my day to type I guess. So glad your at least reading what I have to say. And Dogwood damn son get off the earthquake already can't you come up with something new? That is so old news.....It happened get over it. Give me something else to argue with you about! I love pissing you off!!! <mauh!>

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Mahoning commissioners abolish 26 JFS jobs

"thing the building" hahahahaha maybe u need a brain transplant so original by the way.

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Mahoning commissioners abolish 26 JFS jobs

Hey dogwood you don't need to tell me about working "in the real world" I was a paramedic for 20 years. so again you know nothing about us so think and say what you want. You are a real piece of work Who has something negative to say about everything its sad really. I believe I have gotten under your skin and I am loving it you cannot win You just keep repeating the same stuff. Stuff that is not true and ignorant. For everything you say I will have a comeback. Give it up go back into your shallow word of negative thoughts...stay out of mine :)

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Mahoning commissioners abolish 26 JFS jobs

Hey Dogwood, I havent ever seen anything on the ballot for funding of Jobs and Family services..........don't actually ever remember seeing it......If i made You mad to bad, just need to defend the workers. You and others on here feel the need to put us down and judge us because we are county workers. Our Job is not easy . For the most part many people that apply are working poor that need help. Yes we have some that milk the system but we have no say in that if they qualify. I don't like it either but I don't make that decision. I don't like denying people that need us but if you have income over the guidelines you are denied.

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Mahoning commissioners abolish 26 JFS jobs

Just a short description
Income maintance:
front desk workers take applications, verfications, changes reported in person, screen new application, enter basic info in computer and more
CaseManagers:Conduct Interviews , enters information in to computer system and determine eligibility using policies put in place by the state and federal goverment, verfy income and resources, collect medical info and sends to state
IM training: train employees on new policies and train new employees
IM supervisors:
supervise workers, assign appointment and changes
QA dept: review cases for accuracy
Employment (jobs dept) services
assess people for placement in Work experience programs
Legal: Invesvigate complaints of fraud place overpayment on people etc
Clerical: answer phone calls from people on benefits or direct them to casemanagers.
Childcare: determine elig for childcare programs
This is only brief description hope it helps u understand

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Mahoning commissioners abolish 26 JFS jobs

hahahahahaha still laughing you would say garbage

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Mahoning commissioners abolish 26 JFS jobs

KMA Dogwood I dont speak getto.....maybe if you had a degree you'd understand. And if you do maybe you need a refersher. I am tired of defending myself and coworkers from people like you. You are ignorant, you know nothing. And talk about B#$@*(*g.....look at youself in a mirror I have seen your posts you are a grumpy person so you MUST be a unhappy. I am happy and sleep very well at night. I am proud to say I work for the Gov't I am lucky to work for the Gov't. I have some of the best coworkers. I will tell you one thing......its people like you and others on here that get your kicks out of putting us down but know what grump? We are all laughing at you! Laugh at us if you want if it makes you feel better go ahead. Oh and by the way, I am in the real world but you my grumpy friend live in a very dark and unhappy world I feel sorry for you.

(do I make you have HTN now? Oh wait maybe I should spell that out for my grumpy friend Hypertension wait you may not know that either ummm High Blood Pressure? good hope I do haha)
peace out!!

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Mahoning commissioners abolish 26 JFS jobs

hey Former if you have a problem with the rules blaming us will not help IT IS THE STATE GOVERMENT!!! It wasn't our fault so as they say don't shoot the messenger You act like we personally denied you........sorry don't happen that way. Its the same all over Ohio! now if you go to another state things will be different. ..........sorry rules are rules

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