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Canfield Group Assault

I graduated from Boardman a while back. So i am familiar with the area. I never had any reason to fight anyone so i don't want to be ignorant to the situation. The only thing i would like to know is what are we teaching our children, and have we taught our children self control?? Our men need to act more like gentlemen. A true gentleman's self control is equal to all emergencies. I don't think these children, and i say children because they definitely are not men yet, deserve some type of punishment. I don't care to know how fair or unfair the fight was because nobody should ever have to fight unless you are protecting your family.

The father did the right thing, by defending his son. The Mooney boys did the wrong thing by adding fuel to the fire. There was an easier way to solve such a conflict. This isn't what boys do, and if that is continued to be taught to your children then you are making a terrible parenting mistake. 18 year old men should realize if they hurt this boy to the point where he was seriously injured then that could have resulted in a felony. That means good luck in getting a job with such a top notch education. Think before you act, and realize that life is too short to do such a violent act.

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