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Ohio Catholic diocese discourages ice-bucket challenges

They already did list them. The JPII Medical Research Institute is one.

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Catholic Church leaders living in luxury are defying the pope

Lol the ignorance here. Pope Francis is a Jesuit, and as a member of that order took a vow of poverty. Unless a priest or bishop belongs to a specific order (Dominicans, Franciscans, Jesuits, etc), then he does not take a vow of poverty.

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Arguments for sky-high CEO pay fall flat in face of stark evidence

The CEO is the CEO. Who's to say that the leader of a private company isn't allowed to make x amount of money?

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Ground to be broken for new Boardman stadium

There's upkeep on grass, but also the facilities. Those wooden bleachers are going to collapse at some point and the maintenance costs will only rise on the actual facility itself. Plus you're looking at over $10,000 per game to transfer people to and from the high school for players and band members. Furthermore, the new stadium will have more potential for revenue generation through playoff games and tournaments. A 7,500 seat stadium will be perfect for most of the D3-5 playoff games around here and the region. And besides, if the project is privately funded, then nobody should be complaining because tax dollars aren't being used, which is commendable.

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Mahoning County sales tax fails by slim margin

Only in this backward county is the response to a defeated tax "let's put it back on and DOUBLE it."

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Boardman makes drug testing mandatory for extra-curricular activities

25-30K that could be used to buy textbooks, pay for refurbishing buildings, etc. Hope someone files a big fat lawsuit and gets this canned. How paternalistic do our public schools have to be?

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Boardman wants to talk about JEDD with Youngstown

How the heck is high speed internet infrastructure poor there? Armstrong cable is right down the street practically on 626.

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Some Valley businesses welcome health law delay

Did you know that employer provided health insurance was just a scam started during world war II to get around the loophole of "wage and price controls." Individuals should go out and buy there own insurance, w/o a mandate of course. Until then, people will never know how much health care they are spending/wasting because a third party (insurance) pays almost all the bills.

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Hagan introduces medical marijuana bills

I'm actually for this. Hagan gets something right for once. The War on Drugs has been a massive failure and has led to nothing more than overcrowded prisons with nonviolent offenders as we continue releasing legitimate criminals of violent crimes out earlier and earlier.

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Boardman schools oppose state expansion of voucher program

Bigben you are incorrect. Boardman's performance index was 103.8, Austintown's was 99.2. Austintown might have fared better in designation because they were at a lower starting point.

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