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East Side Neighborhood Cleanup targets 11 sites

I have to take a hour every time i cut the grass to clean up the trash that is thrown in my front yard and the vacent lots next my property that i take care of. Many tims as i am cleaning people throw stuff into the yard right in front of me. I take pride in my house and the property around it and have plans to do more to clean it up but untill this city stop destroying itself my efforts are worthless

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Firefighters assail layoffs as dangerous for Warren

Nobs in previous articles they have reported that the 911 caller first flaged down the police and then called 911. The officer was driveing past and saw the women and then called for other officers there is a story listed on the site that will explane all of that

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Liberty house for sale: Bishop will return to city

Scrooge i think you read soemthing wrong he bough one house and is selling another house. it does not talk about a third house.

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Deputy's home raided; guns, drug equipment seized

Im sure more will come of this story and charges follow

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YSU president's tenure to end

This is terrible news for the university. He has been a great President and has overseen many improvements to the university and has lead to it continued growth. I wonder what the situation is with his contract and why they can not work something out.

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34 Youngstown city workers face layoffs

"The city administration had requested that members of six employee unions paid through the city’s general fund take a voluntary 10-percent pay cut by working four less hours a week to avoid layoffs. That’s because the city’s 2009 general fund had a projected $3.3 million deficit.

That request was rejected, though union leaders are to meet Tuesday with city officials to discuss the budget."

This city would be better of if people would compromise like the mayor tried to do. Instead the are stubborn and refuse to take a 4hour pay cut they instead are selfish and have no care about keeping the city safe.

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Troopers shoot and kill man who fired at them in Mercer County

wisewon, You are so far off on this one. It does not sound to me at all like they second guessed themselves. It sounds like the followed their training and tried to use the tasers to gain control of the situation and when that did no work and their life was in danger the acted WITHOUT hesitation and returned fire. We are lucky the trooper only got hit in the hand and was not killed.

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Traffic violations lead to drug and weapon charges

This is a perfect example of why the zero tolerance patrols worked. We need them back

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Business owner: YPD refused to respond

I for one would love to hear the 911 tape of the operator telling the man no one would respond. I have called 911 many times because of where I work and have never once been told they would not come. I have been told it would take a wile due to other more serious issues but they always responded no matter how little info I had given them. If you dial 911 and say you need help they have to respond. I think there is some missing information in this story.

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Youngstown police probe two shooting episodes

You are right there was a study that showed Crime has been on a steady decline in the city. The Zero Tolerance patrols with the Highway Patrol and the increased visibility had played a role. However due to the economy (not the fault of the mayor who has done a very good job) the city has been forced to cut back on things. Now cops ride two to a car instead of one reducing visibility of police in the neighborhoods. You cannot blame all this crime on an “underperforming YPD” until parents and neighborhoods step up and take ownership of the issues in their homes and neighborhoods and take action against them then things will continue as is. I support the YPD and agree the put their lives on the line every day to protect us but they cant do it alone and until people stop bashing each other and step up together to solve this problem it will never go away.

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