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yes (anonymous) says...

Like an old car, McDonald residents keep throwing money in to fix it up. Who cares that the past administration was spending our money wastefully. McDonald residents have got lots more to throw in. Scare tactic worked before and it will work again cause this is not the end.

Please be advised that I stand corrected in my other post. According to the a McDonald teacher that was quoted for have a $19000 increase in salary. It really was $23778, plus benefits over a six year period. If the Buckeye Institute is right the days worked was 183. I guess the poor voter turn out was part of the blame, or the teachers are so wonderful. The voters have spoken and said they are HAPPY to pay $54.60 per hour. They even threw some extra money at the superintendent for his diligent work.

May 3, 2011 at 10:56 p.m. reply suggest removal