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Gov. Kasich's proposed Ohio budget cuts

Why doesn't he cut the Highway Patrol? We don't need a cop every 20 miles on the Turnpike. I've been to 46 states and four continents and haven't seen cops anywhere like I've seen in Ohio.

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Ursuline’s 10 seniors earn coach’s credit

Thanks for the reply. I had heard that every school in the Big 10 offered him a scholarship except Ohio State.

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Ursuline’s 10 seniors earn coach’s credit

Has Akise Teague been offered a scholarship from Ohio State?

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Taste from yesteryear

I can't wait. I used to play slo-pitch for the Sheet and Tube softball team in the Industrial League. Our games were held at Volney Rogers. Win or lose up the hill I'd go on Glenwood and treat myself to a Parker's frozen custard. I thought it was the best treat in the city at that time. It was better than Handel's in my opinion. 10 years earlier in the early and mid 60's I used to walk from Ursuline to Strouss' downtown to catch a bus home and, now and then, I would treat myself to a Strouss' malt. They were the best. Strouss' malts and Parker's frozen custard - just like our steel mills - unforgettable and a solid piece of Mahoning County history. We can't bring back the steel mills but I hope Thomas Gilmartin can successfully bring back Parker's frozen custard. Now if someone could only bring Strouss' malts.

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