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Wife’s love eases pain of Austintown man’s worsening Alzheimer’s

God Bless you! I know your struggles! I took care of my mother for 5 years with that dreaded illness. I know what you must be going thru. It is a horrible disease!! With Gods love and and his strong hand you will get thru this difficult time!!

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Campbell knocks off Girard 42-35

bring Coach Sikora back to his roots (Struthers) PLZZZZZ

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Boardman’s pet peeve

Just MAYBE they should worry more about the traffic congestion durning the shopping season then business try to stay open!! Like putting access roads in the shopping areas!!!!

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YWCA, ex-director improved together

Best Of Luck Connie!!! You are an insperation for all... A friend from Struthers.

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Campbell’s Sikora isn’t afraid to roll the dice

Good Luck Mickey!!! Glad to see a Struthers boy do good!!!!!!!!!!!

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If the rest of the "Cats" had heart like #71 Joe,(dispite his pyhsical problem he gives it his all!!!) they will do great!!!! Good Luck "Cats"!!!! Give it your BEST and never give up!!

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708-member St. E';s union soundly rejects contract proposal

I would like to know what Molly Seals and the CEO makes and how much of a raise they got!!!!!!!!! Stay STRONG union fight for what is RIGHT!!!!!!

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Probe continues in brutal attack on elderly Struthers man

Poor Ed I have know him quite a well. A Decend Man!!!! For those who know him and were he lives,the neighbors had to hear something being that the next door neighbor is only a wall away!!!!!!!! My prayers go out to him for a full recovery

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Dorothy McLaughlin, female deputy sheriff, Dem politico, dies at 86

I have know Dot for many years, She was a wonderful women,caring loving,and a joy to all. She will be sadly missed by her family and friends!! She had done more than people realize for our city (Struthers). God Bless her!!!

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