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Intrigue veils race for mayor

I was referring to the post by "the otherside not Kurt

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Intrigue veils race for mayor

Kurt please go back to your union job...or are you working while you're blabbing about nothing and talking "corporate greed" We have no money to fund Jimmy or any other government parachute
employees with these ridiculous packages and maybe hire him back! The last time I checked Government jobs were funded by us and these big bad greedy companies are privately and public owned and make freakin PROFITS while paying large amounts of taxes and fees and are held to regulations beyond comprehension!!! The point is this reporter having zero objectivity and needs to move on or write a reality series where everyday he gets up and continues these time machine investigations that bring us clips from Philomena and Chance and keeps trying to go back to the good old days and I'm sure you will be glued to your 25 inch console/stereo

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Intrigue veils race for mayor

Stay tuned people Bert is doing his usual great job digging into relevant issues like Jim Traficant the possible building of the new convention center and next week will have the target date for the much anticipated finishing of 711 connector!!! We should be demanding better from our Vindicator than old wore out stories and abusing his duties attacking people who actually help our Valley!!! Shut Up please!!!!!!

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Betras can’t be blind to the scandals

Does this reporter have an issue with job preparation? It appears when Bert is not feeling like doing his job he returns to his first love whuch is hating the Cafaro family and this special favorite and old worn out Oakhill (non story) I mean will you please write something relevant like Jim Traficant or Pat Ungaro or the building of the Chevrolet Centre and the 711 connector completion target date!!!!! Shut up please!!!!

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BoJo's Creamery preps for summer

Wow must be nice to scam old landlords,change name and reinvent yourself all without even attempting to make things right. I think this wonderful business should make amends on some past sins..... Hmmm this is NOT my idea of a good local business practice and certainly not a place ill be patronizing soon.

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Feds must clean up ‘cesspool’

How pathetic for this pansy hack to not only continue attacking Anthony Cafaro after the witch hunt was thrown out long ago but to insult a family dealing with a loss of a dear family member this weekend This clown doesn't seem to want to write about a corrupt political move that cost tax payers millions trying to go after him with nothing but hatred. Talk about cleaning up a cesspool lets hope the Vindicator Enquirer finds a job more suitable for this pansy hack like delivering the paper to the 25 people who still buy this crap

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Construction to start within a month for new hotel/banquet center complex at Eastwood Mall

FAL That comment makes absolutely no sense at all? The truth always spoils a paradigm based on feelings that are unchangeable even with facts

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Mill Creek Park to host rib festival

This is a flat out lie....these rib vendors formed a ridiculous alliance calling themselves an ASSociation for National Rib Cookers and were tossed out of the original event slated for July at Eastwood for tryin to strong arm management of the original and ONLY Mahoning Valley Rib Burn to set up the event to benefit themselves and limit and stop certain vendors from doing great business and winning awards they earned...They DO NOT own this name regardless whether it has been renamed by any promoter doing the original show at Eastwood for the obvious reasons...I will get very detailed if this rip off of a 29 year event continues and Guy should have called to verify this information prior to even printing this and any lunkhead who does an outdoor event buried in a Park in May when it can snow tells you what kind of Show you can count on

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New stuff is unreal

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Feds charge Antonini with concealing campaign gift

hmmmm she isnt originally indicted months ago....these lynchings trying to make a case forgot her? these comments are so boring and the usual groupies sitting on here all day making ridiculous comments is sad The truth will expose the real criminals Then what will they say?

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