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Are you confident the financial industry bailout plan Congress approves will stabilize the nation’s economy?

If we lived in fantasy land and infact would be getting $350,000.00 I'd be all for it. But in reality, we'd be getting only $3,500.00. I know a finance guy who works for ubs. He told me we'd be getting $350,000.00 also. I'm just glad he's not MY finance guy. 700,000,000,000.00 / 200,000,000.00 = 3500.00. The fact of the matter is, people were given loans who should not have gotten them,ie, poor people, illegal immigrants (yes illegal immigrants), etc. They call it social engineering. And it doesn't matter what idiot we have in office, Republican or Democrat. Let's get rid of all the entitlement programs too.

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