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Canfield woman gets probation for theft, must pay restitution

She will be lucky to get the $15,000, her belongings should be auctioned off and the money given to the victim, you got to love our laws.....

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Zorger pleads guilty in crash that killed fetus, another woman

I wonder if God has any regrets......

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Prosecutor’s office gets criticism from relatives of victim


Everyone looks normal
some people dress formal
all here, ready to lie
pleading not guilty
wearing a suit and a tie..

While attorneys are winners
defendants are all sinners
people with flaws
again breaking the laws

We play deal or better deal
and then comes the appeal
criminals have rights
victims, sleepless nights

Broken hearts, broken dreams
a world full of schemes
at the end we will find
that justice is blind.

The court is in session.......

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Was there a sale on divorces this week ? More broken homes, more children suffering, is it, till death do us part, or till I get tired of you ?

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Mahoning Valley experts: Default fears taking a toll

Maybe if we look really bad, another countries will send us, aid ?

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New Ohio law allows guns in bars, malls

" Senate Bill 17 allows concealed-carry permit holders to enter those establishments with their firearms as long as they are not consuming or under the influence of drugs or alcohol "
People will go to bars and won't drink ?

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Arsonist sentenced to 3 years’ probation

Jails are full with people who keep on breaking the law, people in jail or without a job cannot make restitution to victims, insurance, if you can get it on an abandoned building, will go up once you make a claim.
Probation on crime after crime, it's great for criminals, but what about punishment ?
If jail time does not work, what is the answer ?

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Patrol: Alcohol involved in crash that killed fetus, woman

Two inocent people died, may they rest in peace.

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School officials support anti-cyber-bullying bill

This is really serious, but people never understand it untill it happens to their children and there is nothing they can do.
My heart goes out to everyone who has to put up with hurtfull remarks, and name calling from children whose parents think it's not a big deal, and do nothing to remedy the situation.

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Three assaulted at South Side tavern

They were intoxicated walking to their cars ? And their chaffeur didn't assist them? Because they didn't drive home intoxicated, did they ?

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