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Man dressed as puppy in Boardman comfortable in cold

Stop focusing on the comments and look more what the article was about the puppy on the corner and how he is comfortable in the cold or hot focus on that people

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Man dressed as puppy in Boardman comfortable in cold

Listen people i am that dog on the corner i love my job very much this is what i was born to do i habe been doing this for 4 years now i enjoy dancing and providing daily entertainment for u guyd while u are stuck in traffic or just having a miserable day ti where u need to smile and thats what i do best these are very wonderful and respectful people i work for and no mater what anyone thinks i will not leave that corner or them even if i got offered a job making more than what i do now i will never leave cauae these guys are family and i totally respect them to evwryone who said nice things i thank u for your support for those who say nothing but mean and ignorant things well maybe u are the ones who need to get jobs and stop living off the welfare and believeing everything u hear

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Man dressed as puppy in Boardman comfortable in cold

I appreciate your apology however u dont owe me the apology u owe someone else a apology how about the store u guys turned such a great article into something negative how can u do that better yet how do u feel for making those comments I bet u feel pretty bad for turning something positive into something completely negative

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Man dressed as puppy in Boardman comfortable in cold

I have been a employee for 4 years at harbor pets and did anyone actually read this article or did they just ignore the great news that this article was all about. U people who call this a puppy mill u should really do more research before u say stuff u dont know about we get all of our puppies from local breeders yes I am the puppy outside mr winslow who owns the store is a very wonderful person who cares about his employees and the well being of the store this article is about the puppy and the cold and hot weather and to ensure people that I am not forced to be outside at all that mr winslow and staff give me that option this is a family run pet store and we are all family there who treat each other like brother and sisters so please look at the great article and do research before u speak

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Boardman’s pet peeve

Now I have to make a comment about this. Have any of you drove past the dog and sat at that red light? What is that dog doing you may ask? he is providing entertainment for you guys who sit at that red light and the ones who are just mad with all the traffic. Have you seen this guy he is really crazy the best mascot we have seen in boardman so far. he dances for you daily. he waters the fire hydrant sometimes for your entertainment. and now the thing he is really famous for. THE DOG DOES CARTWHEELS who has ever seen a 5 ft dog do a cart wheel not i. it truly amazing work that he does. AND ANOTHER THING WHEN YOU SEE THE DOG WAVE AND BEEP AT IT. i am sure the crazier and more involved you get with the dog the crazier he will be. so back to the point. There are other things to worry about in the town of Boardman like traffic and other things. i think we can Throw the doggy his bone and leave him and the business alone. I know for sure the nex time i see the dog I will give him a bone and thanks doggy for providing your daily entertainment to all of us here in boardman and keep up the great work.

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