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UPDATE: 28 dead in Connecticut school massacre; shooter ID corrected

It is awful to read most of these posts. They are mindless and embarassisng to the writers. Yes, there are changes that could be made to gun laws and school protection. Let's reasonably work these out. Children are killed. We as Americans should all be saddened. We should all pray to our God, whoever that may be for you, that we can restore faith, love and a fear of that God to live better lives. Today, pray to your God to give this country a conscience to understand what we are doing to it. Our President says we are no longer a Christian nation. Sad, but whatever your beliefs, practice them. Speak out against the vulgarity of TV ads and programs, the violence portrayed as the American way of life. Pray for a return to morality and common sense which most of Americans seem to lack. We have taken the easy way out for too long.

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Boardman boosters plan new sports complex

This is a great project that will help the entire community. Now we need alumni and friends to make a check to the Boardman Boosters and send to the Boardman Boosters, P.O. Box 3174 Boardman, Oh 44513. Let's work to make this happen. Your contribution will be income tax deductible.

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