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Winery wins big at state’s top court

It's not accurate to say something like, "wineries get a pass.." The statute applies to all kinds of agricultural uses. If your neighbor opens an apple pie stand, a bee-keeping and honey enterprise, or a smelly pig farm, they will also "get a pass." Somewhere along the way, the use of zoning was turned on its head; you have the right to use your land as you please; zoning boards came later. You probably pass by or patronize other businesses that exist on the same principal. It's not a "loophole" - it is the reason for the statute. To rule out wineries - THAT would be a loophole. That must make many folks uncomfortable, not realizing that is the case, but that's no reason to change the law or farther damage our local economy by putting someone else out of business.

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Winery wins big at state’s top court

No - that's the opposite of this case. The court has UPHELD the zoning statutes of the State. The township was attempting to circumvent them, after originally agreeing with them. If you don't want a winery (or any other agricultural enterprise) to ever appear in your neighborhood - know the ordinance before you build your house there. This ruling has changed nothing. The law is the same as it ever was. It was simply upheld.

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Top court says Lake Milton winery can stay

Thanks for verifying your intolerance about so many things. If you don't care what I think - please don't respond.

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Winery wins big at state’s top court

Calling our government "Nazi" certainly lends credibility to your statement.

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Top court says Lake Milton winery can stay

I just read all 83 of your previous comments. You dislike fireworks, Muslims, Mexicans, Republicans, PETA, Right-to-Lifers, our Governor, Austintown schools, the Youngstown and Boardman police, the ACLU, guns in bars, strip clubs, the pay of pro athletes, and Black History Month, among others. No one is surprised you don't like the winery.

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Lake Milton winery appeals ruling to cease operation

Before you post comments to articles like this one, you have a responsibility - and an opportunity - to minimize your own ignorance. Go read the decision and discover for yourself that they DID check the laws, and zoning approved the winery, before it ever opened. This argument is about a CHANGE in zoning. Wine store like a farm? Indeed it is - as far as Ohio law is concerned. Go read it. Then comment.

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