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16-year-old shot to death in Youngstown

im from a violent drug abusive backround yes and i was able to change i work 60 hours a week and make sure my family is taken care of and yes i have misunderstood the the contex of the convo but i just feel people think brandon was a bad kid no he wasnt he just had made a few bad decisions realy i belive its unfair and wrong to put oh was he a gun slinger or a drug dealer even if he was with he wasnt he didnt deserve to get killed still a baby at that

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16-year-old shot to death in Youngstown

first of all i am a white educated male from san diego and yes he was a teen and black is that a problem because he was black let me tell you look around its america the melting pot of all race and religon quit living in the sixtys and to the question yes he had a job and yes he was educated still going to school not a drop out now if you dont know him dont be a blastfimer and if your stating that blacks are the problem you are wrong its the people that think because they are not black they can blame them i stongly object to the blame of color religon or area its the world we tell are kids not to do things that are wrong but then you scream at them you fight with your spouse or husband no he was a good kid and waas on the rite track black white pinbk green yellow i know its not his fault

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16-year-old shot to death in Youngstown

first of all all of the people on this site if you dont know the kid dont say nothin you dont know brandon he was a good kid a brother a son and about to be a father he didnt bother no one and the truth is its not the low job availibilty its the fact that these kids are young that do these upseting crimes of violence and they dont want jobs they want to do what was stamped into there brains is any one on here under the age 25 if so u will understand they were not fed with a silver spoon . i think if you want to stop the violence you must look in your own back yard stop turning these kids away embrase them as they are problems and all frome there let them decide they all know where they are wanted and where they have open arms dont fake the funk be a human and help them dont change them the youth is the future leaders of the world

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