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Poland school board confirms plan to raze old buildings if bond issue passes

Has the Poland Board of Education ever attended the portion of Ohio History class that focuses on the history of Poland, or maybe they don't offer those courses anymore. Destroying major historic architectural landmarks in this unique village is a huge mistake. Protect the past, preserve what makes Poland special. Peruse former school superintendent Dr. Zorn's book on our village to see what riches we have. We must preserve the streetscape and character of College Street (named so for the seminary/academy building in question!), and we must also look to protect Union Elementary on Riverside Drive. Why make Poland ordinary, cookie-cutter, bland? In other cities across the nation, people fight to save their neighborhoods, to repurpose important structures. I trust the good people of Poland to vote NO on Tuesday--let the Board go back to the table and create a real plan that allows for preservation, not an easy way out with demolition. What are we teaching our children--that culture, history, sense of place do not matter? Think about this carefully. A new structure with the incorporation of pilfered architectural features is just plain wrong, that's faux architecture. Poland is not Disneyland (or is it becoming that I fear?). The school system's logo is the cupola of the old seminary/academy building, for Pete's sake! Protect this special village, please. There must be alternatives. It simply takes effort. And isn't this worth it? Please voice your concerns and contact the National Trust for Historic Preservation (

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Hometown headway The Valley in vogue

Friends & Ely's, both superb, truly get it, with excellent food & drink, service, and decor/atmosphere. Nothing else is decent, or on par with other, real cities. Hey Youngstown: A proper, truly unique and informed decor goes a long way, and service is key--train your staffs, please. Not even this new Suzi's joint passes muster--many kinks to work out in terms of its half-finished, almost-there (but not) decor, and service that is, well, not always on top of it. Vintage Estate in Boardman has a killer beer list that rivals any large city, *but* the service is almost always terrible, the atmosphere ugly as sin, and why is it SO bright? Let's really step it up. I hope Youngstown can sustain truly good establishments--something that is sorely lacking.

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Cedar's on the move: So long downtown, hello W. Side

To Cedars--best of luck in your new home! Too bad you couldn't stay somewhere downtown, but why exist in a place that's just become a new Austintown. As for the redevelopment of the Gallagher Building: Upscale. Hahaha. Upscale. Oh that is rich. The loud, screaming douche jock clientele can enjoy the view of even more new parking lots with their "upscale" burgers. Sad statement on the lack of taste or brains in this new phase of downtown. Upscale. Can't wait for drywall, bad light fixtures, brick & brass! Classy, classy.

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City seeks input on fracking in Youngstown parks

Youngstown. Wake Up. Do not ruin the only good asset in the city, Mill Creek Park. Be educated. Do not drill. And don't drill in any city park either. Do you want this already ruined city to become another Love Canal? Between the vile "development" of downtown (poorly planned, cheesy developments, lack of understanding about taste, architecture, history, preservation, etc.), you cannot ruin what is the only remaining (and true!) gem in this otherwise not very pleasing city. Please. Wake up!!! Does no one give a damn about Youngstown and making it a tolerable, livable city that is NOT a joke? Come on, we can do better.

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Cedars Lounge to close; new building owner is forcing the issue

I'm hoping that the Cedars at the Grove is in fact the rumor it so far seems to be. If Cedars reopens, and it should, it should be downtown--but please pick the right old building and don't go muddling it up with all the trappings of blandness that the other bars downtown have--there are strip malls in the 'burbs, so leave them there. A new Cedars downtown should be a model, and continue the bar's tradition.

The whole connectedness of this developer and city gov't is just so shady--why doesn't this paper or local TV do a proper investigative story? Also--there's someone actually in charge of events for the city of Youngstown? That is the biggest joke ever. Can someone with taste and brains please step in here already?

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Cedars Lounge to close; new building owner is forcing the issue

Cedars was known outside of Youngstown. To dismiss it as a dump is to not have a clue about what it really means, or meant in the role of downtown. Larger question: Why is the city granting that martini joint on Federal $20K--they have a unique old building--but will they preserve the architecture and bring about good design/taste, that is highly doubtful. It is Austintown East--that is the most apt description of what downtown has become. It had style in its day, ages ago, and all that is vanishing rapidly. The demo of the theater, this new (I'm sure it'll be what Youngstown deems as classy, ie: flashy trashy) redo of the Gallagher (Cedars) Building and the $20K to martini centrale all seems a bit shady... Youngstown is poor, sure--but there is some money out there, I mean, where are the Yorks, Cafaros, Covellis, etc.--Youngstowners with the means to save the theater facade and create a fine, open public space for the city to take some real pride? You know, there was a time when folks with money did things for civic improvement. There's a reason the Wick name is all over town. Let's see a new era of that. And, long live Cedars. Let's hope they have Cedars II downtown, so that there is at least one good bar there!

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YSU to receive gift from Farmers bank for sports field

More athletic facilities! Yay! More parking lots! Awesome. Has anyone told YSU that maybe their business should be academics? And that they ought to be a custodian of their city and help preserve bits and pieces of its architectural history whenever it can (and it can, mind you). Whole thing makes me sick. Go Penguins. Whooeee. Get a grip.

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Obamacare prompts YSU to cap hours for faculty

It's called universal health care and the rest of the industrialized world has it. Get over it folks. And quit watching Fox News. YSU isn't the innocent one here.

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Cedars Lounge to close; new building owner is forcing the issue

I get what the last commenter said about a natural process, and it's true. But when you see the quality going from bad to worse downtown, you have to be worked up. Cedars was the true anchor and originator of any bar renaissance downtown. How about all the years folks went to Cedars when NOTHING else was there, nor did others care--and dolts would respond "What? You're going downtown?," like it was weird to do that (go Youngstown mentality). Cedars was around before all the others (truly awful, mundane bars) glommed on to the idea of downtown. And with this, any sense of taste in Youngstown is officially flushed. It's not like good places are coming into being downtown, they're all cheesy dumps with trashy clientele, and no taste whatsoever about the world at large. Wake the F up.

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Cedars Lounge to close; new building owner is forcing the issue

Amazing. And yet the city will fund a downtown "martini bar" (um, what year is it?) with $20K, and fully demolish the Paramount theater. And the backwards nature of Youngstown continues in grand fashion! Let all the cheesy bars continue with their meathead clientele, and utter lack of any sense of interior aesthetics. Someone get a clue in that city, please. It is maddening. Let's drill! Let's have cheesy bars! Let's demolish fine architecture! Let's have another athletic facility at YSU! Take a look at the world and learn something Youngstown. It is harder and harder to have any pride in a town that is being ruined so deeply with every minute.

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