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Mahoning coroner opted not to go to scene of triple fatal auto accident

$37,838 cut from a $637,838 budget. Kennedy says, " I don't think the commissioners totally understand the way this office works." Oh, I think we, and Traficanti, do understand Can't wait for the next time your name shows up on my ballot. And I have a good memory.

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Hagan bill to legalize marijuana fires up foes

If 73% of Ohio adults approve, how is that political suicide? And why have 14 states already approved medical weed? Not political suicide, Republicans, you just don't think it's proper! I have arthritis in my hands that is excruciating pain, but I should buy and take Advil or Ibuprophen instead of smoking a bowl? When the Revolution comes, we'll see how long you last with those antiquated ideas! Weed For the People!!!

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Mahoning coroner opted not to go to scene of triple fatal auto accident

another 1-term politician with a medical degree. Why was the car going so fast? Any other pieces to the puzzle? no? How does he know unless...If my kid didn't come home and I heard he/she was in this car earlier, you bet I'd be screaming for his head, making the parents wait til today for an ID. Ridiculous what these politicians get away with around here. I will be campaigning against this "idontcare" ass when he starts politiking. And that is what this is all about, playing politics with a tragedy! Too bad about the 1 layoff in his office, he still has 2 more + himself. Maybe there's room for 1 or 2 more in the unemployment line. It's not like there's a line leading into the morgue with dead bodies. Why do we need even 3 in the office? You're GONE, Kennedy!

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'that's some pick-up line!'


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