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UPDATE: Traficant will not file in the 6th

USA1, I hate to say this, but I think you may be beyond comprehending reason. Telling people to "keyword" something you supposedly posted is a cop-out. It is just as easy to post the link. Like I said, there isn't one. As far as the SEIU thug incident...enough already. Yes, the video and evidence shows that something was amiss. But we have more pressing matters to contend with. Socialism for one. Let's focus on the matter at hand. We need to be the beacon of light for those lost in this rhetoric sea. We need to speak the truth, because the truth is bad enough, and if we are speaking the truth, we can prove it. That's something liberals, dems and GOP's alike can't say. The people see what is going on in Washington, and they are fed up. The tea partiers aren't the only ones who are peeved off either. Let's do something unheard of in politics. Let's be HONEST, even if it means admitting fault every now and then.

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UPDATE: Traficant will not file in the 6th

Ok Cambridge. Here is your link. I say what I mean and I mean what I say. It says that 1/3 of Cali's population is ILLEGAL!! How's that for proof. I love different cultures and everything that comes with them. I travel the world, any chance I get. Posting an article proving the fact claimed, and them being called a bigot, because the fact just so happens to include the word "hispanic" shows what we are dealing with here. As I have said before, you liberals are the racists. Anytime you can't win an argument on facts and merit, you resort to name calling. You are the biggest bigot on this site. Posting a link with the proof you asked for is not a "bigot" thing to do. Calling you names in return and not showing proof, now that's a bigot.

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UPDATE: Traficant will not file in the 6th

I'm an independent as well. If I claim something, I have 5 links ready to back me up against jerks like Cambridge. Just sayin, on the teaparty comments, you claimed the number of teaparty goers in DC was a certain amount. And it was painful to watch comment after comment asking for a link to prove it. You posted none. You made it look like a lie, especially when all of the liberal links were posted. I checked. There is no link to prove what you say. I was there, there were more than 100,000. But I am not going to claim it cuz I can't prove it.

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UPDATE: Traficant will not file in the 6th

BTW, people are hyped by Traficant because he is a novelty. He is a leader, however his record with the law stinks. He has a record of doing good things when in office. He is saying and doing things other politicians wouldn't dream of. Maybe that's why he has support. People are sick of the status-quo. People my age are looking for someone interesting and, yes sometimes ridiculous, to get behind. We have had it with the stuffy shirt, politically correct, "squeaky clean image with skeletons in the closet" politicians only out for their lifetime pension and ever raising wage (self-invoked). He may be using the Teaparty people, he may be on the level, but whatever his motivations, he will get a good chunk of the support because he is, like it or not, beloved in this area. And his skeletons are pinned to his toupee for everyone to see.

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UPDATE: Traficant will not file in the 6th

Cambridge: You are the model liberal, aren't you? You ask for proof while calling names. The proof gets put in front of your face and you scoff, and call names. I have witnessed your methods for too long now. I had to speak up. We are not liars, we are not bigots, we do not live in trailers. Just once, when you ask for the proof and someone posts it...CONCEDE!!! After all, that is what will get your party voted the hell out in November. Never accepting any blame, always the righteous one's, right? WRONG. Bunch of flippin hypocrites!

JesseDavid: Thank you. I have to admit I smiled when you posted the proof in the pudding.

USA1: You do have a habit of claiming things and balking on the proof. Take a lesson from JesseDavid and quit spouting the same party line crap in all your posts.

Thank you....and I'm done.

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