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Should public employees be forced to live in the cities where they work?

So the will of the people and their votes don't matter, nor do they have any say in how their tax dollars are spent? Is that what you are saying mr clarkkent?

Sounds like we have a wanna-be dictator trolling the message boards

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Should public employees be forced to live in the cities where they work?

The residency requirements are not "big government socialist policies" being rammed down our throats. In Youngstown, it is a city ordinance that was passed by VOTERS in an ELECTION.
Get your facts straight.

Apparently everyone who has posted above feels that the democratic process can be suspended and thrown out willy nilly.

Thats not the America I live in.

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UPDATE: Austintown shooting leaves two dead, one wounded

If this had occurred in the city, NONE of you would be making such compassionate posts. Hypocrites.

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Who are you tapping for Youngstown's future?

Ian Beniston of the MVOC definitely deserves some recognition. He was instrumental in helping to organize the Idora neighborhood and co-wrote their neighborhood plan. He also is one of the main architects of the new Youngstown Neighborhood Development Corporation.

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Section of New Road expected to open by July 4

5 months to repair 40 ft. of a major roadway? What a joke. Nice to see our suburbs looking out for the quality of life for its residents.

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Residents to corner food stores: We’re fed up

Typical half-brained suburban comments.

Stan, I'm willing to bet that the majority of your crack houses that you're always ranting about are kept in business by suburban customers.

Enough and Rokscout, the owners of these places of "business" allow drug use and sales, sell alcohol to minors (and allow them to consume it on site), and provide convenient accommodations for gang members, thugs, and prostitutes. Apparently you two think that this is acceptable.

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Welcome to the Covelli Centre

Maybe we'll be seeing a Panera downtown sometime soon...

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Welcome to the Covelli Centre

Skolnick reported just 12 hours ago at

"The city received a proposal from Bruce Zoldan, owner of the B.J. Alan fireworks company and the Mahoning Valley Phantoms hockey team that played most of its home games at the center, for the naming rights.

Zoldan had offered $140,000 annually for five years for the center’s naming rights."

So the city turned down a $700,000 deal for a $360,000 deal. What am I missing here??

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City can seize and demolish Grenga Machine

Wolfrun, NO ONE is employed at that building. It is used for storage of BROKEN MACHINES. Cityguy, the property value is only $63,000. He's paying property taxes on a value that's $30,000 LESS than the value he keeps shouting about. He's had the building (a 103 year old structure that no one else has any interest in) for less than eight years and has done nothing to add to its value or to make it productive.

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