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For one in 10 Americans, today is a misnamed holiday

jrolley, you must have failed reading class...

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Same Old Jimbo

Bimbo Jimbo

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AFTER 7 YEARS, 1 MONTH AND 3 DAYS, Traficant coming home

Yellow ribbons?!? Such a gesture for a convicted felon is a slap in the face of our country's men and women serving in the military, and the families of those who have given up their lives defending our freedom. Kovachik should be ashamed and embarrassed of that photo.

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Respect? Not a little bit

Finally. An article representative of the vast majority of the Valley. Kudos!

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Shouting people down isn‘t democracy in action

Stan, I didn't realize that the y-town criminals had organized themselves and registered as democrats. I'm wondering how it is that you're so privy to this knowledge...

And since when do "left-wingers" exercise their second amendment right to bare arms in self defense?

Stan you got some explainin' to do. Either the libs are for constitutional rights or against them. Which is it Stan?

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V&M to cities: Figure it out by Aug. 28

Mayor Melfi = Job Killer

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Two found dead, bound in burned out car

Well then you should have also noticed the improvements made to the landscaping, the singnage leading into the park area, and the improvements to the parking area near the river.

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Two found dead, bound in burned out car

Janey, the area near West avenue on the river is designated city park. There is a wooden dock that floats on the river and yes, people do fish from it. I've had several picnics there myself. There is a nearby trail that runs along the river to the B&O.

SO maybe the reason that he didn't notice "all the signs saying KEEP AWAY! This area is under surveillance and is 'private property'" is because they don't exist.

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Why pay to strip homes in Y’town?

What's with the mafia and chop-shop references?!?!?

Even though the rest of the world has advanced, Bertram seems to be stuck in 1963.


And it's appalling that the vindy editors would allow one of their columnists to applaud criminal activity as an efficient and cost effective means for performing city services. In fact, it's down right negligent.

And maybe Bertram should have read his colleague's article on the topic a little more thoroughly.

He would have read the following:

This project and a North Side house to be taken down next month are tests for the city to determine how much money contractors can make using this process, D’Avignon said.

If selling salvaged material proves to be profitable for contractors, the city would pay the companies less money for future projects, he said.

This process won’t be used often because it “doesn’t make sense in most cases,” he said. That’s because most items of value in many of the houses that the city demolishes have already been stolen.

Deconstruction is “another tool for us,” said Mayor Jay Williams. “Demolition will be the first option. This would be of some help if used appropriately.”

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Youngstown the lead story now on


Maybe republicans should start fielding some candidates instead of thumbing their noses at the valley.

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