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Obama, Romney spar on taxes, jobs, education, health care

lol You people crack me up! No one from the Vindy wrote this article. The first two words at the top are ASSOCIATED PRESS lol

Also notice how it is just a play by play of quotes and assertions made by each candidate. It's all "Romney said this" and then "the President said that." There is virtually NO color commentary in this article at all! It doesn't say that Obama won. It doesn't say that Romney won. It doesn't say that Obama's points were right and that Romney's points were wrong. Just the facts of what was said during the debate.

It's really sad that today unless the article (or any reporting) takes an obvious side, people are quick to accuse bias. That's called being a hypocrite.

Just the facts ma'am, just the facts.

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Wick Park a focus of Youngstown administration, groups

Looks like the citizens are getting sick and tired of having the wool pulled over their eyes by local officials. Something is seriously wrong if the city is not capable of even conducting 11 inspections every 30 days. Laziness at its worst.

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Williams leaves city stable

"But 2,400 vacant structures, mostly dilapidated residential houses, were demolished during Williams’ tenure as mayor. That’s probably more demolition done in any other 51/2-year period in the city’s history."

At a cost of about $5,000 each (demo + asbestos testing/abatement + City admin), that's $12,000,000 that has been spent. Soooo, which neighborhood did that massive amount of money stabilize????

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MVOC: Youngstown did not act quickly enough

"MVOC: Youngstown did not act quickly enough"

A more appropriate title would have been, "Youngstown Continues Not to Act at All"

The vacant property registration ordinance was introduced OVER A YEAR AGO. How much time does Councilman Tito need to get his facts straight? I think he needs to go knock on some doors and find out the priorities of those he's supposed to be representing.

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And the winners were …

This paper reported in February that the Dems did NOT endorse anyone for Youngstown 5th Ward.

"Committee members in Youngstown’s 5th Ward voted unanimously not to endorse anyone. Candidates in the 5th Ward still offered three-minute speeches, but there was no vote after the candidates’ words."

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Challenge for Youngstown: Do more with less workers

"We find the reaction of Jason Whitehead, the mayor’s chief of staff and interim park and recreation director for the past four years, to be just what the taxpayers of the city are seeking."

This line cracked me up, considering Whitehead's home at 2367 Fifth Avenue is tax delinquent and in bank foreclosure...

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Work and Play | Nightlife comes alive in Youngstown, Ohio

mickd, it may come as a shock to you, but several of the bars downtown have GASP! outside drinking areas. maybe you should know what youre talking about before you run your high and mighty mouth.

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Youngstown council refuses consulting contracts

Council members have been crying for years about the city not implementing its landlord registration program. And now that it's being implemented, they want to stop it???

The NSP funds were already appropriated by council in early spring. What exactly is the big surprise they keep talking about?

And why can't vindy reporters do some actual investigative work for their articles?

Why wasn't it reported that O'Neill's and Weily's contracts had already been approved by the Board of Control (the mayor, the law director, and the finance director)?

Why is it repeatedly being reported that the EPA grant was awarded by the state, when in fact it is a federal program administered by the agency's regional offices?

Why isn't Ohio Revised Code 713.02 being referenced in this article, as it would serve as a reality check for council regarding their "power" pertaining to the administration of grant activities?

While council is compromising any future grant opportunities the city may benefit from because of a petty political power-trip, we have a local media outlet who's only concern is with spinning controversy and half-truths rather than presenting an unbiased and complete story that one should expect from a professional journalist.

Welcome to Youngstown.

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Youngstown council refuses to approve two consulting contracts

Convenient that the article leaves out the fact that these "consulting" contracts are part of the administration of major federal grant programs (money that was already previously appropriated by council), and are not being paid out of the general fund.

Funny how it also fails to mention that these very contracts were already approved by the board of control.

Leave it to council to screw with the few grants that this city receives. Maybe it's time council reviews the Ohio Revised Code for a reality check on their "power" in this situation.

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Judge approves water supply district for Mahoning County suburbs

Will the new water district continue to use the youngstown water lines and infrastructure? One would think that the options for the burbs are to lease them, purchase them from the city, or completely install a new system on their own dime.

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