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Warren golfer Kokrak at No. 1

Awesome. Congrats Jason and good luck.

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Ohio Republicans are to blame for partisan tone in Columbus

Stop feeding the trolls everyone.

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Women’s right to vote to be celebrated Aug. 26

Dodge, you are an embarrassment to Youngstown.

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East High School senior attends Space Camp

Very cool opportunity. Good job getting Youngstown involved in such a project.

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Briar Rantilla's mural accents assets of downtown Warren

Very cool. Thank you for your work!

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Jay Williams will join Obama administration as auto czar

Congrats Mayor Williams.

Also, as an Italian from Youngstown, I certainly know some Italian trash.

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National magazine hails Wake the Lion

Finally. Its nice to see some of the best talent in Youngstown getting national recognition. We need to get behind acts like this that have the potential to help the city.

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Congress weighs bill on global warming

While most people agree that the science on global warming is far from ambiguous, I don't see the threat of global climate change to be the spark that should get us all moving here.

If we can convert, over the next couple decades, to efficient wind, solar, and geothermal energies (among other options), we can lessen our dependency on foreign resources, create new industries here in America, and, at the most basic level, need less hard-to-get, finite materials. What could possibly be bad about that?

This will be no clean cut merger from Oil/Coal dependency to other sources. But imagine how much nicer to NOT NEED a resource that can be toxic, lead to work related cancer (coal), or, simply, run out.

The best analogy I head was about losing the rail industry to the auto industry. None of us regret that, but the shift caused some major job loss/stress. Eventually, we all know, it paid off.

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Hundreds use tax day to protest federal spending policies

Even as a (mostly) liberal leaning Youngstown resident, and as a supporter of much of Obama's spending, I'm really happy to see people out on the streets being involved in the political process. I don't protest the spending the way those did on Tax Day, but I certainly support them getting their voices out. This can only lead to more involvement, more education about the issues, and, hopefully, a well-informed Youngstown.

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Woman gets probation for having sex with minor boys in 2008

How old were the boys? They all could have been seniors in high school. I'm wondering how she got called out for it in the first place. I don't know too many young men who would rat out their 18-year-old girlfriend for sex.

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