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George Sofranko and The Boss

Hey Louie,
Good write up. I just hope those that are interested in the tickets will be generous with their wallets as this will go to a good cause. I also hope that those people who know George will be generous with their time. George is pretty immobile now and cannot get out. Your time and effort to go visit him will be worth more to George than you will ever know. We tell him about all the people who ask about him and I see his eyes light up and smile come across his face. If the mere mention of someone asking about him is enough to make him smile, imagine what a face to face visit will do for him. Please don't feel that it will be awkward. Trust me, it isn't. By the time we leave, he is smiling and makes wry faces when we kid him but I will guarantee you that you will get as much out of the visit as George. Please, please, take the time for a brief visit. It will mean so much to him. Go BRUUUCE!! And GEOOOORGE!!!!

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