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10 Mooney students charged in Canfield assault | AUDIO/VIDEO

l i heard this "party house" is the spawn of yet another violent incident downtown where their child punched a kid causing him to require 20 some stitches to the head

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10 Mooney students charged in Canfield assault | AUDIO/VIDEO

I have been hearing a good deal of bad things about he house that these Mooney boys were partying at prior to deciding to mount up and defend their boy. These parents are allowing students to liquor up at their home? I heard the parents even encouraged the "magnificent 14" to go and seek retribution.

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Teenagers charged in assault plead innocent

I have never been one to use a second of my time to attempt to convince anyone of anything in a blog, but this needs comment.

I am a homeowner and a father. I do not have children in either Canfield or CM High schools.

The real issue here is that as a society we can not permit roving gangs of young adults and adults to show up at your doorstep calling out our kids to arms. This could have become a true tragedy. Thank god that Mr. Malvasi did not do what many of us would have done in his situation and go for the family peace maker. This is reminiscent of the old west homesteads.

Bottom line, the Malvasi kid fought with a CM high-school kid one on one like school toughs have done for ages. The Mooney kids took it to the next level by going to his house to seek revenge for an earlier "butt whooping." Only this revenge was not in the spirit of tough guys of ages gone by, it was with 14 helpers. Where is the "macho" in that.

All I see is a group of punks who need sent a lesson that society will not permit "gangs" of punks to come to our homes without recourse.

I hope the Judge in this case follows the law and imposes a sentence that sends the right message.

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