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Boccieri expresses support for MetroParks board-selection process

Judge Rusu knows what he is doing.

Go spend your time fixing school funding which you have failed to address all the years you have been in Columbus. Go earn your pay for once and take on a challenge.

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Poland superintendent offers different take on field-trip issue

It seems that Janofa and Snyder have a integrity issue. Why wasn't this issue rectified before the high school junior brought it to the board? Enough excuses

Forget about the passage of any more levies under your watch, if we can't believe what you are telling us in this issue, why would we ever believe you in a major tax levy

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Poland schools nix field trips over bus-fee dispute

So a 16 year old finds that Poland Schools were in violation of State law and the Superintendent and Board don't acknowledge it.
There is no integrity with the Superintendent and Board, sure going to be interesting seeing them explain their way out of this one.
Who can they blame.... how about Jeff Vrabel
GREAT JOB JEFF on bringing this to light

Every parent needs to demand that they refund the past couple of years field trips fees.

Geez why can't they pass these school levies

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UPDATE | Sources: Kasich will suspend his campaign

I thought we had another Chris Christy here, another politician feeding off the public while he looks for his next job. How about coming back to Ohio and working on school funding.

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A clerical error overcompensated Cardinal Joint Fire District Chief Donald Hutchison

Billdog1 check your math, 110 pay periods to pay back and 26 pay periods per year. More like 4 year payback. Can Sosnowski do the payroll correction the proper way and take it out of his gross pay and adjust PRS?
Must not check his w-2 or the Chief should have noticed it

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A clerical error overcompensated Cardinal Joint Fire District Chief Donald Hutchison

Time for Sosnowski to GO!! Very simple calculation and you blew it, poor excuse

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State auditor cites Canfield Joint Fire District for overpaying its chief

So he got the increase in his pay over 72 pay periods but gets to pay it back over 110 pay periods.

Can I get in on this deal?

Did they adjust his PSR?

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The Oakhill investigation isn’t over, a prosecutor says

Maybe Sciortino can ask the Cafaro's for a job

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Boccieri calls for reform of Mill Creek MetroParks board appointments

Keep the selection process with the Probate Judge, The County Commissioners can't manage what they have.

Boccieri why don't you work on school funding, instead of stepping where you have no clue

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Manufacturing will be revived, Clinton tells Youngstown rally

Hey Bill where is our DOF finance center, you promised. I am sure Hillary is making the same kinds of promises she won't keep

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