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Donald Trump called for an immigration policy to ‘only admit into this country those who share our values’

Immigration into these United States was virtually zero between 1924 and 1965 as we had taken in so many immigrants, lawmakers felt the country needed to assimilate those already here. It was further restricted by the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1952, passed by Congress, vetoed by Truman, and then overwhelmingly over-ridden by Congress as that was the will of the American people at the time. This act could also be viewed as extreme vetting to prevent communists from entering the country from the Eastern Bloc to change our way of life and do us great harm. In fact, it was that xenophobe Jimmy Carter that cited this act in providing a total ban on all Iranians into the country as payback for the Iranians storming our embassy and taking Americans hostage. Isn't it the muslims under sharia law that want to relegate women to second class status and throw gays off of rooftops?

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TRUMP IN YOUNGSTOWN | Vindicator staff, other media in place at YSU

How hard did they have to pull on Desouza to get him off of Cankles incontinent butt?

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TRUMP IN YOUNGSTOWN | Will call for new ideological test for admission to US

I'm not a WASP and I wasn't insulted.

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MetroParks board member to propose changes to director’s authority

Typically, discussion on personnel decisions can and should be made in Executive session. But, Shipka wants to have an executive session to discuss his proposed policy changes. Under Ohio sunshine law, shouldn't such business be conducted at a public meeting so the public can see what is going on and how the board members are thinking?

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Parents, students share what they like or don’t about city schools

Obviously, some don't read the "there, I teed it up for you" comment. Loosen up idiots. But, really, just how does one invent such ludicrous names? Is there a book I can buy and put next to the crapper?

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PRESIDENTIAL RACE | Trump refuses to back away from false claim Obama founded IS

Typical AP story show mainstream media's bias for Cankles. Not vigorously negotiating a status of forces agreement and leaving Libya with no leader allowed ISIS to be formed. No doubt, ISIS is a direct result of the Obama Administration's poor planning.

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Liberty, Girard to issue fines as speed camera warning period ends

That means that new millage levies were passed by the voters. When I say taxes would inch down, I'm talking about a couple of dollars a half.

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Trump backed in Navy town despite attack on Khan family

That is Trump's problem - he just can't stop himself. He willingly keeps jumping into the mud to wrestle with the pigs.

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Liberty, Girard to issue fines as speed camera warning period ends

Liberty has become the north side of Youngstown. Many of the properties in once-desired neighborhoods have become run down. In any event, Liberty is a township and only gets their direct funds from property taxes. Doesn't matter how much the property values appreciate, once the auditor places a dollar value on a millage, under Ohio law, that is all that they are permitted to collect. That is why taxes inch downward as new properties are added to the list. The problem is that the state of Ohio takes in the sales tax and then distributes it back to the various entities. The governor keeps building the rainy day slush fund and holds the money from the districts which are like drug addicts when it comes to tax money. They always want more to get a new high.

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Liberty, Girard to issue fines as speed camera warning period ends

Maybe they should use the camera on Tibbetts-Wick and Route 11. Can they ticket cars for using the roadway as a parking lot?

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