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Austintown spends $1.1 million to outfit grades 6-12 with tablets

Hey 39... Way to be dramatic and absurd! I am sure you are a true authority on life in third world countries! Remember... This is a newstory... Get the facts and ask questions rather than demonstrating what ignorance is

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New bus plan to send Austintown kids on WRTA

Simple: chose the Catholic school that is in Austintown and receive busing. Also, note the amendments and bills since the law in 1966 instead of looking narrowly at a law that has been drastically changed over the last 46 years. A district can deny transportation to outlying community/parochial schools if the "district" finds it to be impractical. Austintown cut bus driver hours and went to two tier busing which makes these routes impractical.

As the "current law" reads, the district can issue stipends or setup alternative transportation (public busing) being an option.

Does anyone in here ever really read laws... or just steal talking points from someone to "try" to sound educated.

You talk about state money... no it does not follow students to parochial schools because they are not issued a state report card. They only have to submit their student achievement data in writing to the state. Clearly, this does not constitute being held to the same public scrutiny or standard as Local Report Cards do.

Lastly, I went to catholic school, and were taught not to say things like our public leaders are full of B.S. You also say the Austintown Sup is lining his pockets... too bad the man running one of the largest districts in the area makes considerably less than most sups and way less then the new library director.

Again... mindless talking without attention to facts or details!

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Public employees on notice

I am so tired of listening to people who are all in the same class (The Real Middle Class - Those making 30K to 999,999K) slug it out over left over table scraps.
Lets be real about our teachers for a minute.
1. Required to earn a Master's Degree for licensure (at their own cost). What private sector job requires someone to earn a Master's out of pocket? If you want minimum wage teachers, don't require a degree!
2. The Public V. Private Sector comparison is absurd. Compare apples to apples. These statistics compare public employees, mainly degreed professionals, to anyone employed ages 18 +in any job including non-degreed, minimum wage workers.
Look at some stats on salary (careerbliss). CBS did a story on the top ten careers where a Master's pays... Public education -not in the top ten. Some salaries that are:
Computer Tech: 95K, General Manager: 97K, Financial Advisor: 78K, College Program Chair: 89K, Marketing: 98K
Managing Partner: 139K, Data Administrator: 96K, Business Manager: 80K
These salaries are entry level not averages and do not include lavish benefit packages, and bonuses that accompany these jobs.
The average salary for educators is in the 50's. Why are we mad at teachers, who help our children and police officers and fire fighters who help us? The answer is simple..
The media has moved on from reporting unbiased coverage of events and issues to influence and advancing propaganda.
Who should middle class Ohioians be angry with:
The Governor:
1. Refused to live in the Governor's mansion costing tax payers a million to fortify his home and provide up keep to two properties.
2 Promotes charter schools regardless of success so their private sector owners can profiteer at the cost of the under-education of children.
State Law Makers:
3. The Ohio Supreme Court ruled that the funding formula for schools is unconstitutional multiple times but it has not changed.
4. Local funds, voted for by levy voters in districts is given to schools outside of those same districts for charter/community school education.
5. Local budgets have been cut drastically by state law makers while state level budgets remain the same or increase.
6. Lottery money given to a school district is earmarked for a specific purpose, then the state deducts that same amount from general fund revenue - who benefits - the state!
7. State lawmakers have not taken a paycut and make 65K + committee money and get benefits for life for working two days a week (when in session). One Cincinatti Senator, the same woman who proposed SB5, told reporters she would not seek congress at the fed level because she likes being able to put her kids on the bus Tuesday morning, and be home to get them off Thursday afternoon - something working as a state senator allows.

Seriously, come on people. Quit arguing with eachother and lets start getting more upset with the right people. Wake up!

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Bishop Murry’s letter appalling

Interesting the number of people on here, Catholic or not, passing judgement. I might be mistaken, but Jesus was tolerent. He taught turn the other cheek... judge not... treat others how you want to be treated. It is ironic what so many believers are willing to do to protect the sanctity of life, but how ignorant we can all be to other adults.

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Unions produced the middle class

Keep fighting with eachother while the filthy rich become the filthy richer! Apathy, Ignorance, and Misdirected anger - the three tools we all give the upper 4% to keep the bottom 96% right where we are. Newsflash - it doesn't matter what party are elected officials are in, none of them give a damn about any of you, your future or your interests. Quit arguing over ridiculous crap like teacher's salaries, the people who handle our most valuable resource and have more required education than everyone you know besides your doctor and lawyer, and start demanding that the damn politicians make some decisions that help the majority of us. All of you who argue back and forth with non-sense spoon-fed by the media and politicians are no better than fat cats on Wall Street or the greedy politicians?

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A better way to teach teachers


You need to do a little more research. The National Council of Teacher Quality was organized and has gotten its agenda from the Business Roundtable's PIE Group. Essentially, this is one more initiative but into place by billionaires, like the Fordham Group and Bill Gates. Like SB5 and other anti-teacher legislation and agencies, the purpose of this group is simple... to privatize education.

Everyone needs to wake up in this country. Look what the "business" leaders did to our car companies and wall street. If schools need funding, why not give them a federal bailout... oh.. wait.. that only applies to corporations and yet we are going to listen to what the agencies that these fat cat crooks have created and advise.

It is amazing that the uber rich in this country have managed to turn the middle class against eachother. Small business owners think they are protected by the corporate agenda but they are the next targets. Once the blood is squeezed from public employees and the unemployment rate hits 20%... guess what the filthy rich will do next... buy out and take over all small businesses.

The bottom line is... if you make less than $300,000 a year you are middle class in this county... better start standing together before its too late.

As far as what this organization thinks about YSU... who cares!!!

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Group opposing Ohio's SB5 collects more than 700K signatures to put law on ballot

Another thing... as a Boardman resident and a small business owner, I have to consider what I get for my taxes at each level..

Local: Great schools, millions of dollars of scholarship monies for graduates, grammy award winning music programs, great athletic programs, great teachers, considerate and prompt safety services.

County: WRTA which travels around town with 3 people per bus, roads full of potholes, no police support for Boardman which provides the bulk of the counties sales tax, talk of charging me more for water... really.

State: Hmmmm... they take my tax dollars and build schools in youngstown and warren. I thought I already paid for schools.. oh wait I did!

Again... do we really want to turn over our local control to the state. Give each localities "elected" officials the power to set standards for their public employees.

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Group opposing Ohio's SB5 collects more than 700K signatures to put law on ballot

Do you not vote for your local trustees and BOEs to manage your local tax revenues? Are we really going to give our local powers to a state that couldn't even manage its own turnpike?

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Group opposing Ohio's SB5 collects more than 700K signatures to put law on ballot

Interesting that most people wouldn't have careers without the work of teachers who support and encourage students to grow and achieve... try looking at the fact that schools are now forced to monitor BMI and provide education on dating violence... WHY? because it is not happening in the home.

In a society plagued with a 52% and growing divorce rate, rampid drug abuse, and a large percentage of parents who have kids without ever thinking about the fact that they have to raise them... schools are left to pick up all of the pieces.

Are there good parents, or course.. but where are the consequences for delinquent parents. When a student misses 95 days of school.. why are the parents not fined or penalized? When a student does not do their homework... which takes place in the home... why are the parents not penalized? Merit pay for teachers, sure, as long as there are penalties for non-supportive and absent parents.

Educating students has to be a partnership between schools and families or it will never work.

Also ironic is the voice of disdain against those who teach our kids, patrol our streets, and put out our fires. Some one early on in this thread suggested that if public employees are mad about getting cuts, they can go find work in the private sector... my question is.. if public employees have it so great, why are private sector employees looking for work in the public sector.

Sooner or later, everyone will realize that if you make less than a million dollars a year in this country you are poor. We are all the working class. SB5 and all of this other nonsense is just one more way to pit all of us against eachother while the filthy rich get richer. Here we are worrying about the pay of police officers and teachers in a state where our school funding formula is unconstitutional, the governor does not live in the governor's mansion costing the tax payers millions, and our taxes are among the highest in the country.

As the census proves, everyone is leaving this state and this town. Let's chase away our teachers and saftey forces too so that the whole of our state can look like the city of Youngstown. Parking lots, old abandoned buildings, and garbage. The American Dream!

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Dems endorse Canfield levy

You mean one right out of college... the ones who are changing their majors and/or looking for work in other states because they do not want to give their live for the betterment and education of children in a state that treats them like criminals?

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