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Firing a Campbell water worker wasn’t in city’s best interest

First off I ment 5wardcouncilman is running not soup city. But let's address the meter reader. It's common knowledge that he failed the test also but who hired him. Oh let's see Krinos and Jackson . How do you know he's not next to be fired, I guess you have to wait to see. The funny part about you people is you sit around and complain about the mayor, the city, and all the stuff that goes on and you do nothing about it but spread rumors and lies. I posted on this blog to state the facts not my made up opinions. I have done that so I will not post any more. My home in Campbell is for sale and soon I will leave this place behind and people like you are the reason. Enjoy the mess you make and lies you tell.

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Firing a Campbell water worker wasn’t in city’s best interest

Wow! soupcity and devilforlife you guys are so funny! Lets not forget a court of law upheld the city's right to remove jackson which means the city is in the right!!! And since you guys are so outraged at this why dont you ask jackson for the letter he got from then mayor Krinos that states "this appointment is provisional and you are still required to take a civil service test" That is taken directly from the letter given to jackson when he was hired!! This letter and the letter from the civil service com (that is dated before notice was given to jackson) is public record. It's evident to me that since this is a election year and that you two are against the current administration you'll do your best to make something out of nothing. The facts are the facts he was required to take the test, he failed the test so he should be let go. He took a shot and sued the city and lost because he was wrong and the city is right. I'm also guessing that soupcity is running in this election since you mention charter rules and other things only a canidate would say. Be careful poeple can see through lies.

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Firing a Campbell water worker wasn’t in city’s best interest

You people need to get your facts straight. First the mayor did not go looking to fire DJackson. The Civil Service Com. sent a letter to the mayor informing him that Jackson did not pass the test and should be removed and the person most quailified with the highest test score be hired in his place. This letter is public record, the mayor has nothing to hide. As for the letting go of Lew Jackson the city administrator, Jack Dill was much more qualified has having served 10 years as mayor. Mr. VanSuch became mayor because Mr. Krinos resigned. Being thrown into the situation on a short term Mr VanSuch needed a city adminstrator with experince and connections to help the city progress quickly in a short time. Politics is not personal when your really trying to do something good.

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