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Youngstown council removes conviction question from applications

I was just talking to someone about this topic the other week and being very conservative my opinion would shock some people. That's because, among a few reasons, I feel that since police and courts have mostly become revenue collectors many ex offenders are forced into a continued life cycle of crime because of a lack of opportunity and to provide job security for those involved in the legal profession.
I believe after 7-10 years once a person is released from prison or released from probation if no time served that crime should be removed from their record with the exceptions of murder, rape and crimes against children.
It's already tough enough for people to find jobs in this Obama economy especially tougher for those who actually voted for Obama who are too blind to see his policies are a detriment to job creation and The economy is crawling along in spite of Obama and his policies.

March 20, 2014 at 12:39 a.m. suggest removal