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KFC bid drives animal anti-cruelty group to respond

Dear Rick Maynard,

It is so baffling to me why your company, KFC, refuses to implement even the MINIMAL requirements to stop animal abuse. If you are going to profit off these poor, sentimental animals, the least you can do is ensure them the welfare they deserve. Instead of beating around the bush and ignoring PETA's requests for change, you guys just spew out inaccurate information about your "animal-welfare guidelines".

KFC is the hugest douche of all corporations. Stop abusing aniamls you sick people and start reforming the way you treat your animals.

Anyone else who would like more information on the ongoing cruelties and sadistic abuse that KFC inflicts on billions of animals, I urge you to visit:

From there on you can judge if KFC really does have "animal-welfare guidelines".

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