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Canfield Group Assault

Quite honestly I think this whole situation is ridiculous. The Mooney boys got suspended for what they did, even the ones who never threw a punch. Was Malvasi suspended? People say that Cardinal Mooney is such a horrible school, why hasn't Canfield taken any initiative towards Malvasi? Mooney has great values with great students, and just because a few of them were involved in a bad situation doesn't change the impressive characters of the other students at Cardinal Mooney. There is a young man trying to break up the fight that got suspended and 2 others in the back who ran away that got suspended also, absolutely unfair. Some of these guys may be guilty, but taking away the futures of the ones who did nothing is cruel. Taking away anyone's future over a stupid high school fight is pathetic. If this video wasn't edited you would see Malvasi Sr. strangling a high school student.. Everyone saying that these Mooney kids are stupid, immature, meatheads should be able to say the same about both Malvasi men. They look just as bad as the others.. Defending your son or not, be responsible and do the MATURE adult thing by calling the police, not going out of your house in leather gloves to beat the hell out of a bunch of high school kids. Both sides are at fault but really, anyone who punches someone unprovoked should be prepared for something in return. Regardless of the fact that there were 14 to 1, if you know that theres a whole mob of angry, hot headed high school boys at your front door waiting to fight you, why would you answer? Yeah, because you want to prove your a man. And you definately look like a COMPLETE man on the snowy ground, shirtless, getting your ass kicked Malvasi. And then asking for more when everyone leaves... Okay.

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