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Merry Christmas GM workers: $250 bonus checks coming

Careless assumptions? I havent done the calculations, but if 75k for the state and cities is correct, thats hardly a drop in the bucket. Plus, thats just from the GM lordstown facility. GM has thousands of other workers around the state who will also be receiving the payments. I would also agree that just before the hoilidays many people may be travelling, but just as many will be spending whatever is left after taxes on gifts which also will generate tax revenue to the counties/cities/etc. Regardless, those thousands going to the city/states/ss/medicare and the employees are a great thing for our local, state, and federal communities, perod.

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Merry Christmas GM workers: $250 bonus checks coming

Ok Fair and Equal. You obviously werent 100% successful outsourcing all of Delphi's local jobs to Mexico. There are still several hundred of them here, yet im sure you received nice big bonus checks, probably delivered to the Olympic club while you were working on your tan. Get a life dude. Your constant bashing of GM and its workers is getting old. Rather than celebrate another huge influx of tax revenue to our area, youd rather get another shot in. Pathetic.

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Displaced workers anxious to start

Fair and equal, where do I start?

Ok, point one, the jobs are not temporary. GM is placing and paying relocation for these workers to come here to build the Cruze. There are 600 temporary employees being brought in, but only to make sure that those (350 or so Transfers) coming the next two weeks, as well as the other 2400 in the plant, can take their vacations, and recieve proper training for the cruze build. That my friend, is a fact.
Secondly, I and many other people hope Delphi Salary Retirees issues are handled and you get something out of this mess. However, boycotting GM, and the Union for your predicament is not going to help things get settled. Many people worked hard to get Obama elected, and regardless of where you stand, GM (which includes hourly and salary jobs) would not be here if his administration did not step up and help out. GM is not entirely well yet, but they are on the road to recovery, which will help insure that pensions are stable, and that retiree healthcare funding obligations to the VEBA are met.
Did you work to get Obama elected, or are you one of those who thinks he is a socialist? Obviously you should not think that as you seem to indirectly be lobbying for a Delphi Salary Retiree bailout.

Also, just for the record, what was your job at Delphi? What were you responsible for? Id hate to find out that you were one of those Delphi Salaried Retirees who's job it was to hasten the move of your hourly employees jobs, as well as a few salaried ones,a little south of El Paso. Weren't those cuts a little "discriminatory" towards the hourly workers?

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