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Excitement soars as ADI, YWRA ready for flights to O’Hare

UncommonSense, your numbers are incorrect.

Here are the published fares from CAK-ORD, CLE-ORD, and PIT-ORD. The following links give you a breakdown of fares by carrier. As you can see, the ADI service is on par with that of United, Delta, and America out of Akron-Canton, Cleveland, and Pittsburgh. Add in the savings on fuel, parking, and naturally the fact you spend less time at the airport, YNG will make plenty of sense for travelers across the region.

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Are you confident in the leadership in Mahoning County government?

Can the GOP field another strong candidate, as they did with Meacham, that can take down one of these commissioners? That is the real question.

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YSU’s enrollment woes linger, and Tressel is now on hot seat

If anyone at the Vindicator was at the Penguin Club Ring Dinner Tuesday Night they would have heard incoming freshmen applications total 5,000 thus far, compared to just 2,000 last year. Clearly there is newfound interest among high school students across the region in the value of YSU. Furthermore, I find it questionable to criticize enrollment numbers for the spring semester, which have historically always been less than that of the fall semester. Does the Vindicator think a bunch of college aged students just now enrolled in college in January, as opposed to August when it is most common?

To criticize the President before he has even been able to implement his student enrollment policies and vision less than a year on the job seems pretty poor on the part of the Vindy. Come August we will see the true direction of this university enrollment wise. Early indications looks very promising for the Tressel administration and YSU.

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Most YSU candidates have Tressel connection

Here's a thought Roger, why not read the newspaper to get the facts.

YSU did give Wolford an extension in order for him to recruit student-athletes to his football team. What parent would send their kid to YSU knowing the coach is on the last year of his contract?

Furthermore, the buyout of Eric Wolford's contract is $100,000. There is a mitigation clause in there where if Eric Wolford finds a new job this offseason that pays at least $100,000, YSU will owe Coach Wolford absolutely nothing.

Knowing that, I think Ron Strollo should be commended for the way he structured such a contract. Wolford is well known in the coaching world as a terrific recruiter, so I expect him to find a job with ease.

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Betras: Top of the Dem ticket 'sucked'

What an amazing night for the Republicans. To put this in context, Obama won Mahoning County by 26% in 2008 and 28% in 2012. Kasich won Mahoning County by 11%.

Furthermore, Kasich won only 31% of the vote in 2010 in Mahoning County. This time around he won 54% of the vote, a 23% increase.

Kasich 2016???

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Democratic auditor challenged by Republican CPA

Vote Meacham!

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Gov. Kasich to give keynote speech at installation of Tressel as YSU president


Only in Youngstown, OH would it be considered a "bad idea" to have a governor well on his way to a double digit blowout in November speak at Tressel's installation ceremony.

You may not care for the job Kasich is doing, but he is well on his way to an emphatic election win this fall.

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$751M — Mahoning's visitor spending up 12.9% last year

Also worth considering is the growth of the Youngstown-Warren Regional Airport. In 2012, 77,327 total passenger passengers flew in/out of YNG. That number increased by 22% in 2013 to 94,212. The number is expected to increase another 27% to 120,000 in 2014.

Families and travelers from Florida and South Carolina have an affordable means of travel to come to our area.

All great things!

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Kasich outpaces FitzGerald among Ohio voters

Kasich is going to roll to re-election this year and be a contender in 2016.

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Struthers athlete sues over eligibility

Irishtiger, Luke started his HS career at Cardinal Mooney.

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