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Panel revisits traffic-camera idea

Great idea!
We need more 'Big Brother' watchful eyes in this

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Liberty Twp. retains Stoyak; Warren BOE gets new faces

She'll be too busy frolicking with a certain muscled departmnent head to fix the problem.
Come sit on my lap and tell all about it, baby! lmao

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Oprah finally delivers on 2 cars given to Valley pair

Didn't Toles make enough money from his failed NFL career, that he needed Oprah to give him a car? lol

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Chief Foley remains determined to curb gun violence in the city

I'm sure Chief Foley is committed to stopping the violence in the streets of Youngstown.....but it's escalating in a hurry it seems, time for Foley to up the ante and bring his A-game to the table before it's too late!

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Double shooting on South Side

More senseless violence in our streets!
Society seems to just not care anymore does it?

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Dividing line

Dear DanMor,

You are 110% in your assessment of this news article.
From everything I've heard and now seen in this article this seems to be how the current police administration operates.
So much for maintaining professionalism!
One should also keep in mind when voting for this levy that despite the poormouthing by the police dept. they(the cops) did receive hefty raises in their latest labor contract.
Now with the economy as bad as it is the cops in Liberty didn't hesitate to accept these raises.
Shame on them and their greed!

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Woman files civil suit over accident

More Warren city shenanigans I see.

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Dividing line

Dear Stan,
No thanks!
Liberty police has been plagued with financial problems since Tisone helped himself to the chief's job hasn't it? - hmmmmmm????
A fact proven by prior news articles that told of how money from the fire dept. budget was taken and put in the police budget to keep the dept. operating.
Isn't this illegal to do so under Ohio law?

So now if I read the article correctly he's buying the K-9 unit an expensive new Tahoe, an officer who does not even live in Liberty and takes the vehicle home all the way to Cortland as was mentioned in previous posts buy residents complaining over this fact.

A free workforce sounds nice in theory, but we all know how such ideas really work out in the real world.
Tisone claims in this article that Liberty is budgeted for 24 officers, but currently has 17. Ok, where has the money gone from the salaries of those postions?

Now they are going back to the voters for another levy?
I bet SB5 supporters just love using Liberty Twp. as a shining example of why Issue 2 should be voted in come the Nov. election.

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Dividing line

This article is obviously nothing more than shameless propoganda designed to garner votes for another tax levy from an already overwhelmed tax base in Liberty Twp.
For a community with one of the highest property taxes in Trumbull Co. they always seem to be broke don't they? Why is that?
Is this situation was a dangerous as the police actors in the photo are portraying it to be there wouldn't be a cameraman tag along for just the right photo op. lol

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Police back on the streets of downtown Youngstown

Is that Cox's punishment for being Jimmy Hughes' little lackey in the past? lol
I remember when Cox was Kelly Pavlik's spitboy during the fights, my how the mighty have fallen.

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