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Is Pat Lowry eyeing Ohio Senate seat?

What this Valley needs is a complete break from the good-old-boy network. We don't need to select one of the same old faces connected to the machine politics of the Valley.

The ideal candidate would be someone fairly new to the political scene who has experience on the executive level of politics and doesn't carry baggage like the good-old-boys seeking the seat. Someone who has actually ran a township or city on an executive level- negotiating contracts with safety forces and working hard to get levies passed. Executive administrative experience should be the main criteria of the selection process.

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Is Pat Lowry eyeing Ohio Senate seat?

....Lastly, the question is not who one "knows" in Columbus but rather what they know about the legislative process and how to work within the established rules to ensure that the Valley receives its fair share from the state Treasury.
"no one knows the guy from Poland except he has a lot uf DUIS" By your reasoning (that a misdemeanor disqualifies one form holding public office) your boy Lowry would never have had the opportunity to establish "ties" to Ryan because Ryan would have been ineligible based on his own inconsequential criminal offenses!
Jim your post represents everything that's wrong with politics today in the Valley, state, and federal Government: You have a candidate who you obviously support and, rather than talk about his qualifications and the plans he has to represent the Valley in the Senate, you choose to talk about "connections" and mindlessly bash others with unsubstantiated claims that have no bearing on their ability to effectively advance the concerns of this Valley and it's population.
Many had doubts about Capri Cafaro but she's proven herself a leader and a very hard working public servant. Capri needs a candidate who's electable and can work with her in the Senate to pass legislation that improves the Valley and the State of Ohio. Let's end the cronyism now and start working toward a better future.
The Valley school districts are starving for money; we lag behind the rest of the state in employment and wages; crime is rampant and we face the prospect of having to layoff safety forces due to lack of funds; GM is facing the prospect of bankruptcy due to corporate greed, etc. And you choose to sling mud and hype connections to the good-old boy network, rather than convey your candidate's position on these very important issues.

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Is Pat Lowry eyeing Ohio Senate seat?

Jim your post is a testament to everything that is wrongheaded with Valley politics. You state that Lowry has "a lot to offer" then fail to state any of his credentials with the exception his connection to Ryan. You also fail to mention that the citizens of Youngstown apparently didn't feel he had "a lot" to offer when he was soundly defeated, twice, in his bid for president of Youngstown City Council. That's the thing about political popularity, Jim, it cannot be transferred from one candidate to another, it must be earned.
The Valley doesn't need a "go between with Strickland" it needs a dedicated servant who's been here in the Valley attempting to address the very real problems we've been going through rather than spending the majority of his time in the intellectual bubble known as Washington, D.C.
Access to Strickland will be guaranteed no matter who is chosen to fill the seat. It's not like there is an excess of democrats in the state senate; and the candidate chosen is sure to have his/her ear. The same would apply to Ryan if he really cares about the Valley.
In closing. I'd say I'd hope your personal attacks on the other potential appointees are not a reflection of your chosen candidate's view's:
"Gallito is a nut." There is nothing wrong with disagreeing with positions she's taken, and you can attempt to marginalize her on those if you wish, but your use of sleazy generalizations gives the perception that, rather than conveying the policy positions and qualifications of your chosen candidate, you'd rather resort to ad homonym personal attacks.
"Engler is tainted why did he resign as commissioner and then Gains threatened to reveal the findings against Engler by the Court if he ran for prosecutor so backed away and hooked up with Marty Y--plus he left his wife and kids-- Besides Engler knows no one in Columbus -- no Engler!!" This is very interesting and leads me to believe that you have a personal ax to grind against Engler. Based on your statements we're supposed to believe that prosecutor Gains threatened Engler with revealing information he was privy to (which, by the way, is an insult to the integrity to prosecutor Gains and would be an ethical violation as well) if Engler ran for prosecutor. Let's humor you in your delusions and say that which you have stated is true. Do you really think that the threat would have ceased the moment Engler abandoned his bid for prosecutor and threw himself behind the OPPONENT OF GAINS????? And I don't think Ryan wants marital and relationship problems to become the centerpiece of the selection process for any higher office as he's divorced himself......

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