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Gym has grown along with CrossFit trend

the owner of this facility is the reason people make fun of crossfit. he owns his own gym, yet is too out of shape to properly perform any of the movements. practice what you preach. plus he is just kind of a dickhead.

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UPDATED: Pavlik fight called off

this isnt a surprise at all. once southside trash, always southside trash. i was there the night he hit the youngstown cops, which most of the people in this town "forgot" about when he won the belt. i have never had an ounce of respect for this kid and now its nice to see the rest of the town coming to their senses.

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Two arsons probed at Rumors Lounge

i didnt think you were allowed to own a bar if you have a felony?

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Police find shotgun in yard after fight

atleast they are outside and not inside playing nintendo........

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Driver dies in Austintown school-bus accident

rest in peace jack. you were an amazing person and you will be loved and missed by many. never going to forget you

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Probe to begin into shooting by officer

thats not what happened

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Driver shot by cop in struggle

im not standing up for this cory kid, i dont know him and frankly, i couldnt care .less about him. im just telling you, the officer was never hit by the car, he jumped in the car (for no apparent reason other then his dislike for the kids music) and the kid drove, maybe, ten feet. the officer then fell, and shot the kid. take a look at the officer's illustrious career, he has done alot a questionable things, this one is really bad, is ashame youngstown is going to have to pay big bucks to this kids family because of a bonehead move on behalf of one of their "finest" once the truth comes out

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Driver shot by cop in struggle

stan, judging by your 4864 posts i see you do not have much better to do with your time other then argue in the vindicators website. obviously you were there during this incident and that is why you call my story "a bunch of bull". perhaps you had a better view then i did? either way, im not here to argue. i told you people what happened, and you are more then wlcome to not believe it. have a wonderful evening all!!

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Driver shot by cop in struggle

i dont know how many of u people were there when this happened, there was no fight being broken up the kid didnt hit anyone with his car, the officer was trying to impress young girls like he does every thursday night. he has a case of bully and he doesnt like being shown up. he shot the kid because he fell. this whole story is total bull. this kid is in the hospital because of arrogance

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