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Huge crowd turns out for meeting on MetroParks

To mishmash: I do not see the Vindy propping up anyone. I see many angry voters who voted for the levy in good faith and now feel that they have been deceived. Covering a news story is what the newspaper is supposed to do. Where you there? Do you know how many people attended the meeting? Are you just a whiney malcontent because you do not like the person the newspaper quoted?
To Photoman: The public is not stripping Young of his "right" to manage personnel. There is the honesty to say to the voters even if the levy passes there is going to be lay-offs and terminations and then there is firing people like Young did. Look at the employees terminated-it looks like Young did it just to protect his own ego. Levies in this part of the country are usually passed to maintain services or add services, not to ax services. The former employees would be the people standing up and saying what programs the people of the Valley love. Looks like Young is trying to make the park into a big commercial recreational venture. I hope it does not turn into Idora at Mill Creek Park.

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Mill Creek shake-up prompts calls to repeal MetroParks levy

Penguin1--do you live in the Mahoning Valley? A repeal of the park levy would be circus like but, having the mayor of Youngstown, the former county auditor, and losing county prosecutor under federal indictment is just everyday Mahoning Valley politics? A repeal of the park levy is one way the voters can actually fight corruption and dirty tricks in Mahoning County. I suspect that you are a MCMP employee hoping not to lose your job.

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Mill Creek surprises employees with dismissals

I am very angry about the firings--Ray and Keith were the public faces of the park. Every new hire will be met with contempt and suspicion. I agree with "Levy"--I would love to see a recall to dial back the tax. The voters should have been informed of the options being considered.The finances should have been put in order before the levy was placed on the ballot. Voters is good faith passed the increase expecting that the structure and services of the park would remain the same. This is exactly what happens when you hire outsiders--they have no respect for what the residents of the area hold dear. I have zero respect for any members of the Park Board. If any Board members are hoping to further their political careers, I will be reminding Valley residents of this incident.

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Gains fails as a leader

I am still amazed that the citizens of Mahoning County ever re-elected Paul Gains after the debacle of his shooting. His inability to correctly identify his alleged assailant which led to the prosecution and conviction of an innocent person cost the county a boatload of money when justice finally prevailed. Mind boggling! If he could screw up his own case as a faulty witness, how many other cases has he screwed up over the years? I bet that only Bertram and 50 other people in the county care about the letter on Gain's letterhead.

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UPDATE | John Dellick in jail; linked to report of gun found at hotel

Ytown parent--It begs the question, did Betras tell young John that he was suicidal?

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Betras rebukes Humphries after request for role when presidential hopefuls visit

lovethiscity--you obviously know the Tom Humphries we cannot stand and the Vindy fails to vet. I will add slow learner to Tom's resume. He continues to think that Kasich is going to push political power crumbs his way. It is not going to happen. I never agree with Dave Betras but, he has refused Tom's request with an epic response. I would love to know the depth of Tom's personal investment in charter schools but, Betram does not want to indulge my fantasy expose.

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Dellick fits CEO profile

There is no way that Youngstown's schools will ever perform like Canfield's schools. Once the parents and the taxpayers allowed the Youngstown City Schools to fail, the bridge had been burned. The Canfield community would have never let the school district fail. The city of Youngstown and the elected officials have ignored the plight of the school district. I have never heard any mayoral candidates pledge to rebuild the school system. It is unfair to blame the apathy of the voters and elected officials on the teacher's union. That philosophy is like letting the crazy people run the asylum.

I believe that Judge Dellick would a reasonable appointee to the commission but, should not serve as leader or CEO.

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Y’town fails its children

I hope the voters in YCSD show the state legislators that it does not matter if they elect the "wrong" school board members. They should vote no on the upcoming levy. The Youngstown Plan is taxation without representation. The school taxes will be spent on poor teachers, poor charter schools and the only group reaping the benefits will be the overpaid administrators and greedy investors in the charter schools. Education for profit is the only outcome Kasich and his followers are looking for. Everyone with half a brain knows that no plan will succeed without buy-in and there is no buy-in without representation.

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New coalition seeks community involvement in city schools reformation

Joebag09--you should care about this because this is the governor's and regional chamber of commerce's agenda to replace public education with charter schools. Your tax dollars will be spent on education without any representation. There is a plan: Part1-- take taxpayer representation of the underperforming schools by using vouchers and CEO authority; Part 2 --extend the CEO authority to the suburban school districts to consolidate districts and dismantle the schools under the guise of saving taxpayer money/efficancy. The tax savings will then be converted to some inane fund like the rainy day fund which is the governor's fun money and is never returned to the taxpayers. They will take away local control of education and your money. Trumbull and Mahoning counties will be the beta-site because Kasich's lap dog Tom Humphries is CEO of the Regional Chamber of Commerce and a member of Kasich's Board of Regents. I just hope I am retired and out of this county before this cluster of a plan is implemented. This plan will ultimately result in poorer schools and deflated property values.

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Youngstown School Board plans appeal of judge’s ruling

This is a sad day for Youngstown City Schools and taxpayers. Yes, the schools need to improve. The rights of the taxpayers were subverted by an eleventh hour, underhanded move by the Republican legislature. This could happen to any community that Governor Kasich and the local Chamber of Commerce CEO deem unacceptable. If you think it does not concern you because you do not live in Y-town think again.

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