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Fatal Wreck Kills Three

My husband drives a "big rig", let me first say his driving record was checked fort three years prior, (DOT) law, he can not have a casual drink due to random drug and alcohol tests, he is true to the job and does not condone the actions of the latest jack ass that is in the news now. There is definately more to this story than we will ever hear about. We are all so quick to judge the Company in which he worked for, that we lose sight of the real truth, which is the driver himself! The driver SHOULD FRY, and I am sure he will.These drivers go out each day to try and make a living for their families, then this ass comes along, and once again, the truckers get the bad name. Has any one given thought to what you would go with out if it were not for these men who risk the lives of those on the streets with them everyday? think about that the next time you try to cut them off, or do something foolish, knowing you shouldn't. I have nothing but anger and hate for the Manson looking fellow that decided not to stop, but plunged through traffic on 3/31/10, but not all who drive trucks are GUILTY. My deepest of thoughts and prayers go out to these families, you never get over the loss of a child, no matter what the age!!! But you do learn to live with it on a daily basis. If everyone could just walk in "those shoes" we all would not be so quick to judge, and we would all be a better world for it.

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