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Austintown police dog dies of cancer

Hi everyone...This is Justin coulter Conans handler. I want to thank everyone for their prayers and best wishes. Conan was a great partner and did alot more than just narcotics work. Conan would protect me with his life as he was trained to do. He was more than just a work dog no matter what matt says.He was loved and he was very loyal to me. matt u are entitled to your opinion and i will respect that but i would like to talk one day and explain what Conan and my bond was like.Maybe i wont change your mind but i would like the oppurtunity to try.And i will say this. Conan would have been there for you as i would have if you needed the police .Conan would have given his life for u if the circumstances had come up.and matt thankyou for defending our country and giving me freedom so that i can enjoy my life and oppurtunities to work with a partner like conan.Thankyou

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