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ESPN regrets Broussard comment

Good for him to say what he believes in. Everybody is afraid to say what they believe. So PC

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Marathon bombing suspects had been on welfare

How does his wife work 70-80 hours a week and still get welfare? Welfare fraud.

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Court: Sentence for man's 15th DUI too harsh

Too harsh, you got to be kidding. He should spend 30 years in jail. I'm sure he lost he license long time ago. So he is driving on a suspended license. Surprisingly he hasn't killed anyone.

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Should any new gun control measures be adopted by Congress?

Read the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution, "RIGHT TO KEEP AND BEAR ARMS" Gun laws are infringing on my rights. When is this going to stop? What's next. Wake up people!!!!

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Court date for Canfield man accusing of driving into pursuit


I think you better go back and look at your driver training course again. There are laws that make you pull over for emergency vehicles, ambulances etc...

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Ex-Pa. state trooper claims he was fired over Ebonics

Another lawsuit because he's black? No, just dumb!!!!

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Obamacare prompts YSU to cap hours for faculty

I love it!!! You dumb liberals get what you deserve. HaHaHa

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Man shot and killed in Boardman home invasion

Give the homeowner a medal. Maybe the dirt bags will stop breaking into homes. For you dummies who believe this wasn't right to shot him I hope they break into your home next time.

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Which candidate will get your vote for president?

Vote for Romney!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Covelli expects ‘a full house’ for Obama, Clinton

Should be a packed house. Most of Obama supporters don't work. Dumb Liberals!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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