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Lake Milton man donates 40 years of change to Salvation Army

Mr. Jones, may you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
God Bless You Sir.

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Unions, Dems vow political payback for right-to-work law

Sparky, I will not try to help you understand rtw...for less.If you are ever interested in really reading up on the facts, then you might be able to see how facts and not low handed insults are the way to learn about an issue.
May you and yours have a Nice Christmas.
PS, I always pay my way. Once again
Merry Christmas / Happy New Year!

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Unions, Dems vow political payback for right-to-work law

Sparky, it isn't about being angry. It is about knowing the facts about rtw and not what Fox news and the republicans want to spoon feed their listeners. Spark, look up Vance Muse, more to rtw then most know.
Also take a look at George Romney and
the Automobile Manufacturer's Association. This sickness has been a-
round for a long time.Have a Great Day My Friend.

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Unions, Dems vow political payback for right-to-work law

first of all most Union Tradesmen/Craftsmen go from 4 to 6 yrs. in a apprenticeship program then if all classes are passed, become a Journeymen. So the part about education is wrong, but since you never heard it on fox I see why YOU
don't and won't know about it. But in the real world, and not the one you watch on MTV, we, that is the Union Craftsmen are the most trained in the Industry.
The problem is the republicans want the kids coming up today to have the mind set of "Just Be Thankful You Have A Job, Slaves had jobs. Myself as a Union worker just hopes that my kids just MIGHT have a shot like I did, to be what is called THE MIDDLE CLASS. Remember back when Youngstown was booming, you could work at the Steel Mills and you could rise a family on one income. Remember when the most a bank would loan you on a car was only 36 it is 60 months, the cars didn't go up that high... the wages just HAVEN'T WENT UP ON THE SAME PACE.So next time you rip on Unions, ask a Union member what it is like to HAVE A REAL PENSION, AND TO RETIRE IN DIGNITY...not a 401k, put your track shoes on and get ready to have a race to a 3TH. World Type of Living. Have a Great Day My Friend.

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Protests unfurl over display of flag at Allen's office

doc, if your are retired out of the service... Thank You. But if it was up to one of the two parties, I think you know which one, you might have a 401K instead of a Real Way to Retire... PENSION! Have a Great Day!.

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Protests unfurl over display of flag at Allen's office

Hey doc, try to shut off Rash, Vanity and the fox tv network and MAYBE just Maybe common sence might work it's way in, just something to think about. Have a Great Day.

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Hostess says liquidation decision expected today

I hope the Union Brothers and Sisters can come to a agreement so they can work together with the Hostess people and come out with a good settlement for all at the table.Remember that the non- union worker has been told that the Union workers are the reason the companies are in a bad fiscal state. It isn't because of the Greed of the CEO's or the CFO's that the companies are in in a bad way, no it is the Union Worker's fault. Why is it the CEO's have a contract but when the workers want one in the way of Collective Bargaining Agreements that we,the workers shouldn't have one. Because we all know that the Companies will treat us Fairly, of course they will, when in the history of this Great Country has the employer EVER tried to screw over a worker. I know that a lot of the people think that the time for the Unions is over, but look around friends, Unions were here for one reason only and that is because of the GREED of Management. And we all know that Management isn't like that anymore. Yes they are DIFFERENT today. Some time not long from now your grandkids will ask you to tell them what a Pension WAS, is like a 401K, is it Papaw? Have a Great Day Brothers and Sisters.

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Romney’s GM and Chrysler ads are an insult to Ohioans

If you are worried about unemployment now, wait till these fine people you elect start trying to jam right-to-work up you backside.
Remember, there are 23 states with so called right-to-work law, or as it should be called Union Busting Law in effect now, then why do those states have unemployment?
Ask your elected officals why that is so.
and one more thing to think about,
you will hear that you shoudn't have to pay union dues to have a good job, if that is the case you shouldn't have to pay... a mortage for a good house...or county club dues to play at a good golf course... or pay a monthly payment to have a nice car,
get what I'm saying, republicans think Unions are the only Business in the U.S. that doesn't need funds to operate. DO YOU WANT YOU KIDS TO HAVE A SHOT AT THE MIDDLE CLASS? Have a Great Day!

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Teamsters, Allied Waste remain at an impasse


why is it that working class people are more then happy to
let you know that other working class people SHOULDN'T
get a pension, or are making a lot more then they should.
but the ceo, president, vp, or any other company people
deserve it.
went you get down to it, the FIRST PLACE the cuts are to
be made are at the cost of the workers.
just look around, the only thing we have as workers are the
skills we bring to the job, and without working TOGETHER as in a UNION, you will be cut loose if you try and stand up for what is right. But when we stick together you have more power in numbers.
A lot of people will say that all the Union wants are your dues. Non-Union workers pay HIGHER DUES EVERYDAY then I have ever paid in Union Dues. It is in the way of Lower Wages and little if any Ins. So the next time you want to tear a working girl or guy down, just remember that some things roll down hill and you could be the DITCH.
Have A Wonderful Day. PROUD UNION MEMBER!

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