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Struthers woman sentenced for stealing from employer must be the Doctors wife who got screwed. Or else you are pissed off family.. All I know is I used to have him as a doctor..actually I know quite a few people who had him as a doctor and She said "he often paid for the expenses of patients who could not afford treatment they desperately needed".???!That is really sad because he never once offered my family free health care when my husband lost his job and insurance, and I was having serious health problems! In fact he told us to find a NEW DOCTOR! Anyone ever google this DR.'S name? Sounds like someone has too many malpractice suits against him. He didnt even do his job! He made his unlicensed workers do it for him..I'd hate to have everyone suing me for millions over malpractice. She says she is losing her family home??well.we all know what this means...This has IRS written all over it...tisk tisk. I dont condone what she did (if she did it), I just think its a little fishy.This all sounds so much like it could have been an affair gone bad too...pretty blond works for Doctor..Doctor gives her a credit card....maybe the wife finds tries to cover it up with saying she stole from him. Classic. AND Only an ugly individual would bring this woman's poor child into this. I'm glad this woman only got 6 months...its all just too too fishy... May God Help you.

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Canfield’s ‘filthy’ house

its not that hard to push or use a broom ..i've seen all types/kinds of people do it..even kids..even a cracked out person can do it,,,end of story.

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Customers complain about e-mail

Racism is alive and well with all races still it will never end..We all will never "Just get along" the african americans will talk about the caucasian, the caucasian about the african american, the asian about the african american, the african american about the asian, the caucasian about the asians, the asians about the caucasian, the natives about the caucasian, the caucasian about the native, the latino about the caucasian, the caucasian about the latino, the african american about the latino, blah blah blah etc etc etc.. it goes on and on and on amongst all races! it will never be "Can we all just get along?" Never matter how hard we try there will still always be racist families passing it through generations and it will never change. Someone will always be cracking those racist jokes amongst all the racist..Trust me I have a very mixed family and I hear a lot of racist jokes and remarks..they will never stop because thats just what some people do. Some people take these jokes seriously..while most just laugh it off! I heard 3 african americans joking with each other the other day and it was very racial.. it was aiming at their own race! (And I am Caucasian!) I was appalled!! I couldnt believe they were cutting each other down like that. but thats what we all do we dont realize how racial were all being with each other. It will never end till we all make it end. It will continue as always because noone can live down the past and THAT remark is directed towards all races. I agree what happened to rodney king was horrifying, as would it be if it were any other person of any race, but remember too that it is happening everywhere,I'm sadly stating facts and that we need not forget also about the caucasian teen female who was raped, sodomized and tortured with a broomstick by a gang of six african americans and latinos, her skull was caved in and her body was dumped in a ditch..mind you this WAS NOT treated as a hate crime.. or how about the asian girl in brooklyn who was murder by a latino gang...or the native american boy murdered by the asian gang. Its everywhere. Neverending. Until every parent of ALL RACES in america decides to raise there children teaching them Respect and Equality amongst the races...Racism will continue to live on. Sad very sad... and sickening

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Missing teenager’s body found

I would just like to add that I have a niece who disappeared last year who was 14 at the time (and let me also state for "certain" commenters on here that she is "caucasian"). I just can't get a grip on people in this world being how they are. Anyhow..She is a straight A student who normally walks home from school which is about 3 blocks from her house and school gets out around 2:15 and she always arrived at home around 2:30-2:45 no later. She never showed up. her mom called the school..she wasnt their..her mom called all her friends..not their. She went searching up and down all the roads and blocks..she was nowhere to be found. Her mother worried to death by this point calls the PD..who informs her an officer will be right out. Meanwhile I stop at a convenience store to get a coffee where I see 3 PD cars parked and 4 officers inside having coffee (maybe having a lunch break?) They were plainly not their for a robbery in progress or any other crime. While inside I get a cell phone call from my sister telling me to come over to be with her she was freaking out. So I leave. We waited at her house for approximately 2 hours before I decide to go to my house and I pass the same convenience store with the 2 of the same officers in it (maybe having a lunch break?). Who am I to draw conclusions..all I know is I went over my sisters house that night at 8:00 PM and the Officer finally showed up and I passed that store 4 times in the meantime , looking for my niece on my own search..and those same police cars were there each it coincidence.... call it a lunchbreak...... call it whatever you want....I feel like I need to fight for more lunch breaks where I am working..because I put my life on the line everyday with my job and I dont get nearly enough lunch breaks...I didnt stop and say anything to them out of RESPECT.

Trust me these guys were not getting prostitutes.. they were not doing drugs..and they were certainly NOT filling out police reports..and they were NOT in there cars on any computer ..they were simply standing around talking while drinking coffee.

And yes I do agree that kids go missing every day and yes they are teenagers who can be the perfect child or the worst but they will rebell against you sooner or later and screw up somehow. most of us have been niece WAS found but it was by our own search. And the PD NEVER followed up.

Maybe along with "ZERO TOLERANCE" on the streets they should have a "ZERO TOLERANCE" Program within the PD also.

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