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Blasts shatter post-race euphoria

cambridge: Your point is well taken and accepted. I meant to pose a possible alternate scenario to "foreign terrorists" for people to consider, but I can see it can be inappropriate as you say.
Since this year's marathon was dedicated to the 26 kids killed in Newtown and the bombs were placed at the 26 mile finish line, it just seemed to suggest what I alluded to. Thanks.

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Blasts shatter post-race euphoria

Sad as it is to imagine, it wouldn't surprise me at all if we find that those responsible for this are tied to extremist gun rights groups supported by the NRA in an effort to arouse fear.
Think about it. They probably didn't intend to kill anyone - just cause injury and panic at a time when tougher gun laws are being debated.
I can hear the NRA coming out with a statement saying "See, this is why everyone needs to have guns to protect themselves from increased terrorism!"

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‘Pause’ protects 910th at Youngstown airbase

"....that would have resulted in a loss of two C-130s at the 910th and a net reduction of 97 traditional, part-time reservists who do their monthly training at the base and 33 full-time equivalent federal civilian employees and Air Reserve technicians."

Wow! That's government efficiency at its best! 130 people to handle 2 aircraft - especially for such a "unique and critical mission" as crop dusting with a big, awkward aircraft as a C-130.

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WR Port Authority OKs contract deal for DeLeon

The problem is not with Ms. DeLeon - it's with the inept board and political tampering. Neither the board nor the politicians have a clue about economic development. It's time to replace the entire board and eliminate local political influence. Ms. DeLeon has made great progress under difficult circumstances and has moved the Valley forward. She could do much more without the impediments of our typical local political games and a mindless board.

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What about party loyalty?

You have just underscored the glaring weakness of our political system - especially here in the Mahoning Valley. Blind loyalty to either party is a major reason we keep electing weak, unqualified candidates. I too am a Democrat in that I identify more with the overall Democratic philosophy and priorities. That doesn't mean that I have become a lemming who doesn't think. I still vote for the best candidate - not the party. If more of us did the same, we might one day climb out of the local political cesspool and move the Valley forward. I commend Ms. Aslan for being "loyal" to her quality standards and her independent thinking!

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Federal grant gives airport a chance to prove its worth

I hope that the airport attracts a viable daily service airline that will be successful. I, however, hope even more that in the effort to do so they don't rush without considering all the critical thinking. We don't need yet another poorly thought-out failure.

It will take much more than cheaper parking to attract a steady daily volume of passengers. They will need actual, trained airline employees for check-in, gate workers, and baggage handling - not part-timers from the winner hanger. While security is not pleasant at any airport, ours is less professional and more cumbersome than Akron, Pittsburgh, or Cleveland. Again we will need to play to "big boy" standards.

All the information disseminated by the airport suggests that there are throngs of people wanting daily service. Let's hope they are reading their data accurately and asking the right questions. How important will the destination, flight times and price be? How many will still be eager to fly (especially in winter) if we get an unknown carrier flying smaller, noisier prop planes? If we don't have the right answers to these and other questions, we will have new airline service only as long as we the public pay to subsidize it. Eventually the airport must earn its way like any business - they can't survive forever on other people's money.

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Sleeping on the bed tax

Thank you, Todd. Your editorial was outstanding. You fairly and accurately defined both sides of the issue. Once again, we can all see yet another example of why politicians (and their cronies) should never be involved with business growth nor progressive innovation.

The problem is not with the Port Authority staff - rather with their board. The staff is experienced and can provide needed services. They simply need to have an intelligent board for oversight, guidance, and a budget/planning process.

Thanks again for your clarity.

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There are big gains to be made with an increase in bed tax

@thethinker, you have done an excellent job of defining the problem and a potential solution! We all want productive, progressive economic development and few would oppose reasonable funding for that effort.
The problem is not with the Port Authority per se, it is with the port authority board and political mismanagement. It's time for a complete change. Eliminate the current members and replace them with a coalition of knowledgeable, experienced businessmen - not political hacks and appointees. Provide oversight and instill accountability by a group other than politicians.

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Liberty’s blight plight

Great observations, comments, and insights!!! You have found the sore that makes the monkeys scratch! Don't think everyone here is as blind and ill-informed as PhilKidd. Remember - its best to avoid getting into a battle of wits with a defenseless person!

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Decision on bed-tax increase should be made with the facts

How true. A sensible decision for the public good can only be made with the true facts and sound judgement–both often lacking in actions taken by local politicians.

Certainly Tim Ryan's judgement should be publicly questioned since as a member of the Armed Services Committee he can't get federal funding for the airport and airbase–instead forcing that duty on the backs of his constituents. The only funding he secured for the airbase was used to build a multi million dollar deluxe hotel on the base.

It was also his "sound judgement" that provided over a million dollars over the past 3 years from local government to fund an economic development staff at the port authority–promising that that was all that would be needed. Everyone should look at the fact that nothing has been accomplished, but now he wants more money for lack of performance.

The Port Authority's accomplishments was to move B.J. Allen's operation from Mahoning County to Warren. The Mahoning County commissioners should really be proud of that and give them more money to continue this kind of "economic development"!

Let's all hope that we can find a way to promote true economic development with knowledgeable, experienced, performance-based experts–not the amateurs at the Port Authority. If the Port Authority is really an enterprise shared by 2 counties why not leave the tax rates where they are and simply ask Mahoning County to pay a share equal to the dollars contributed by Trumbull County. The Port Authority should then be required to operate on no more than that shared funding.

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