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Woman killed outside South Side church

"I believe you guys have missed the mark. I know for a fact that many elderly Catholic women pray earnestly that God would take them home. This 80 year cancer survivor most likely stayed overtime at Mass to pray that God would bring her home to heaven.God used an unknown person whom white folks assume was a black man because of the predominately black neighborhood to answer her prayers. This was a divine act of God and the man God used for this supernatural act will never be found.The unbelieving YPD will arrest an innocent black man to appease the bloodthirsting white heathens."

DATELINE--The fact that you even wrote this on here shows you literally just like the sound of your own voice or to be politically correct the sound of your fingers typing. The only fact in your "statement" is that yes Catholic's pray to God to be taken to Heaven but
In no way, shape, or form do we pray to DIE. My Aunt Angie was a cancer SURVIVOR! I'm not sure how the word is used within your vocabulary but in the rest of the world's that means TO LIVE. She never asked anyone for anything. Gave all she had to help others and had a very strong and loving connection with her entire family. So I do not know who you think you are to say you know for a fact she was asking God to take her.

And if you haven't heard the news, their is a suspect that was arrested TODAY. Not to appease us "white heathens" but to bring him to justice for doing an unthinkable thing!

Furthermore, it does not matter whether the sick individual who committed the crime was white, black, green, orange, or pink. For you to make him look like someone God chose to perform this horrendous act is repulsing to me.

In the future you might want to think about your statements a little bit more thoroughly. I will say a prayer for you tonight.

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Man killed on North Side

How did the discussion go from a poor man's death to abortion? USA1 get your head out of your ass! I will say a prayer for you, seems as though you need one!

My thoughts and prayers with this family. I am a niece of Angeline Fimognari and understand the grief this poor family must be going through. You will be in my prayers!

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Woman killed outside South Side church

PenguinBird : "This is what we as a society deserve for treating a disease (drug addiction) as a crime."
---Really? This is deserved? Not much else to say about that.

You do not know what the police do or do not know unless you yourself are a cop which I highly doubt. Furthermore, for you to say such things as I hope the MURDERER gets away free is probably the most immature thing I have read on this page so far. Just goes to show that instead of taking some sort of action on your own to change the community you live in, you sit idly on your computer and just do a bunch of talking, which is why the situation occured in the first place. All talk, no action.

Keep in mind innocent 80 year old woman died and her family, such as myself, who are from Youngstown but live out of town, are keeping up to date with online sites such as this

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Woman killed outside South Side church

It is shameful to see how off subject these things become. The blame falls solely on the sick individual responsible. It is absolutely outrageous to me that this discussion on my aunt's MURDER has turned into who is better political discussion!! I will pray for you all to become more aware of your thoughts!

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Woman killed outside South Side church

My aunt in no way, shape, or form would have wanted people to fight over who is "politically responsible" for her death. She would've have wanted you all to say a prayer because obviously this person is very troubled in all ways imaginable. She was and will continue to be in my heart the most wonderful, loyal, most caring woman who put everyone above herself. So for her, instead of arguing please say a prayer and stay safe. Thank you!

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